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If you’re having success running the ball, you keep running the ball until the opposing team counters it by, say, putting more men in the box. (Yes, The Juice likes football.) But in life, going back to something that worked is not always a good idea, especially in the world of crime. Just ask this gent. As reported by The New Hampshire Union Leader:

A Plymouth man was arrested for allegedly committing two armed robberies at the same location about six weeks apart, police said Saturday.

Yup. He did.

Jason Crosby, 32, was arrested in Plymouth late Friday on two counts of armed robbery. Bail was set at $100,000, and he is slated for arraignment Monday in 9th Circuit Court in Nashua.

Crosby is accused of robbing Haffner’s Kick Stop at 215 Lowell Road on July 7 at 10:37 p.m. and again on Friday at 3:06 a.m., police said.

In the first robbery, Crosby displayed a small black semi-automatic handgun and demanded money from the clerk, authorities said. The second time, the suspect claimed to have had a weapon and again demanded money, police said.

You’ll find the source (and a mug shot) here.



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Fortunately for the clerk in this Little River, South Carolina store, this “armed” robber is not very good at robbery. As reported by

[33-year-old Joshua Page Edwards] walked into the store to allegedly shop for a gift, and perused the shop with the clerk before walking up to the counter and handing over a note.

Aren’t notes a bank robbery thing? Anyway …

That note told her “to be quite and give him the money,” an Horry County Police report states.

Edwards then presented an apparent handgun that the clerk immediately recognized as a toy.

Kind of makes you wonder what color plastic it was.

She told him she would not give him anything, so Edwards ran out of the store, saying it was all a joke.

Sorry bro. Can’t unring that bell.

Police reviewed video that matched up with the clerk’s story. They found Edwards nearby and charged him with armed robbery.

Yes, that’s armed robbery. What did Mr. Edwards say when they busted him?

He told police he didn’t do it, claiming he was in a bar the whole time, and perhaps his twin brother was to blame. Two notes saying he was conducting a robbery were found in his pockets.

Oh, and his twin brother also put those notes in his pocket. Doh! Here’s the source, including a mug shot.



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What does a police officer in Wales have to do to get fired? As it turns out, more than this gent, although you might have thought otherwise had you read the facts first. As reported by The Telegraph:

An armed police officer who had sex with a married woman while on duty kept his job after arguing that he could still reach his gun because it was attached to his trousers around his ankles.

Bam! You gotta like that argument.

Pc Shaun Jenkins, 36, met the woman while he was on patrol and took her to his house, where they had intercourse as his colleague waited outside for 40 minutes in their car.

At first, there were no consequences. Then he was fired. Then he was reinstated. You can read more (a fair amount) here.



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You have to give the lady credit. It was an interesting approach to getting your bond reduced. But did it work? As reported by The Florida Sun Sentinel:

Felicia Underwood faced a $76,000 bond when she made her first court appearance before Judge John “Jay” Hurley Monday during a particularly interesting docket of cases.

Underwood, 38, was charged by Fort Lauderdale Police with distributing/delivering cannabis and trafficking in more than 10 and less than 200 grams of MDMA, a drug that is also called phenethylamines in a state statute.

Underwood told the judge she did not know what phenethylamines are. She also told Hurley she has two jobs and asked for a reduction in the bond amount, for which she would be responsible for 10 percent.

Of course that’s not the novel request. How did the judge respond to this first request?

Hurley ordered a reduced bond of $10,000, but Underwood, who told the judge she had no money and that her mother was not working right now, was hoping she’d get to pay even less to get of jail before her trial.

Wow, from $76,000 down to $10,000? She asked for a reduction, and got a huge one. So what was her next move?

“You can’t make it a little lower, hon?” Underwood seems to say on the Sun Sentinel live stream video.

Say what? You did not just call the judge “hon.”

[Judge] Hurley appears shocked for a moment.

“Did she just refer to the court as ‘honey’?” Hurley asked, while the voice of a woman in the courtroom who was off camera can also be heard asking, “Did she just say honey?”

Yup. So now what?

Said Hurley, “Oh well, hon or honey, it’s all part of the same…Ma’am, I’m going to leave your bond where it is today, alright?”

You’ll find the source, and a video, here.

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It was a bad day for these growers when a certain police officer decided to go on a high-protein diet as part of a body building regimen. Huh? Here’s why, as reported by

“[Leicester police officers] asked their colleague in the back what he had been eating, and after fits of giggles and denials, they realised the cannabis smell was in the air in the street outside,” it said.

The team noticed a strong smell of cannabis as they sucked in the welcome fresh air, and tracked it to a nearby house, reports the Police Federation’s magazine.

“Imagine the surprise on the faces of the occupants of the house further along the road when the officers, following their noses, found a cannabis factory with a crop worth £12,000.”

“It was a good collar and it was all down to this officer and his flatulence,” a police source said.

A lucky collar, more accurately, unless it was your house. In that case, not so lucky. Here’s the source.

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Getting beaten up is bad enough. What if on the way to the hospital, the EMT notices a bulge in your pants? No, not that … 

On May 13, 32-year-old Harrison Preston of Fort Walton Beach was being taken to the hospital after a battery incident at a convenience store on James Lee Road.

Already, it’s a bad day.

An EMT who was trying to secure Harrison in the ambulance found a bag filled with a “green leafy substance” stuffed in his underpants.


The marijuana totaled 31.2 grams.

Preston was charged with possession of a controlled substance without a prescription.

Now it’s a really bad day. Here’s the source, ( with a mug shot.

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Yes, there is such a thing. Just ask this young man. As reported by The Arab Times:

A GCC youth, who is the son of a diplomat, has been released after being arrested for the third time for driving without a drivers’ license, reports Al-Watan Arabic daily. According to security sources, the youth was arrested three times but was released without receiving penalty, as he is the son of a diplomat and holds a diplomatic passport. Securitymen have submitted a report in this regard to the senior officials.

Now that’s a handy document for a little miscreant.

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First and foremost, teachers should be good at their jobs – teaching. If they can also serve as role models, that’s a bonus. This man won’t be in the “bonus” category. As reported by sacramento.cbslocal.ccom:

Someone notified Willis Jepson Middle School officials that 53-year-old Bobby Chambers, of Chico, had a loaded weapon and marijuana in his car.

Think he pissed someone off?

School officials contacted a Vacaville Police Youth Services officer to investigate the allegations.

During a search of the vehicle, which Chambers consented to, officers found a loaded handgun, ammunition, cocaine, and less than one ounce of marijuana.

Chambers was arrested without incident and booked into Solano County Jail on drug and gun charges.

Here’s the source.



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So this gent needed money to buy some pot. It turns out he’s a mailman. Or was. Per The Highline Times (Burien, Washington):

[Former Des Moines mailman Charles] Wright, 57 [a Postal Service employee for 34 years, and Army veteran] was caught last year stealing gift cards from dozens of letters sent to residents along his Des Moines area route. He used stolen cash to buy marijuana, which he then smoked instead of delivering the rest of the mail he was paid to carry. He pleaded guilty in January to opening and destroying mail from numerous customers between July 2010 and July 2012. Wright searched for greeting cards in his bag, which he opened, then tore up and tossed away the cards.

Hmm. Hard to believe he wasn’t motivated to finish his route after getting high.

He was confronted about the thefts on July 26, 2012, and quickly confessed. In a letter to the court, Wright apologized for his actions, which he described as a “horrific error in judgment.” “As I sit here today I really don’t have a reason for the crime I committed other than straight up stupidity, not realizing at the time all of the people I would be hurting,” Wright wrote in the letter. “Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think that I would ever be in this situation,” he continued. “I have truly had a blessed life.”

Props to Mr. Wright for just owning up, without offering any excuses. Apparently the judge felt similarly.

Wright … was sentenced Wednesday, April 10, in U.S. District Court to 60 hours of community service and fined $500. Wright will spend two years on probation and also is required to pay back [the] $469 he was caught stealing from postal customers.

You’ll find the source here.