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By now just about everyone has heard of a few stupid homeowner’s association rules. But check this one out. Jim Greenwood lives in a suburb of Dallas, Texas called Frisco. More specifically, he lives in – hold your nose up, and speak nasally – Stonebriar Village. Now with his son just turning 16, old Mr. Greenwood wanted to get him a safe ride. So he dropped about $30,000 on a nicely appointed 2007 Ford F-150.

Now, if you’re thinking that the Stonebriar Village Homeowner’s Association does not allow trucks to be parked in driveways…. You would be … wrong! They just don’t allow FORD trucks [to be parked overnight, that is, in a driveway]. If Mr. Greenwood had dropped the extra coin for a Lincoln Mark LT, that would not violate the rules. What’s the difference? According to Mr. Greenwood, not much.

“It happens to come off the same assembly line in Dearborn, Mich., as the Ford F-150.”

What is the penalty for this high crime? $50 each night he’s cited for leaving the truck in the driveway overnight. It’s Texas, so you can probably guess what Mr. Greenwood decided to do.

“We’re doing the right thing now. We’re parking it in the garage.”

Yeah, that wasn’t my guess either. I’m with Austin American-Statesman writer John Kelso:

I wouldn’t call that doing the right thing. Greenwood should stick it to these snoots. After all, this is Texas. If you can’t park a new pickup in your driveway in the Lone Star State, what’s next? A ban on high school football, deer season and chicken-fried steak?


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I can already tell that even The Juice’s loyal readers are raising their eyebrows. Rest assured, though, breasts may be bared in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. True, they are the breasts of transgender males, but tell that to the folks who complained to lifeguards about the “females showing their breasts.” As reported by Delaware Online:

Rehoboth Beach and the local Internet have been buzzing for days after a few transgendered men caused a stir on the beach over the holiday weekend by removing their tops and revealing their enhanced breasts.

“Passers-by came up to the lifeguard and said they were alarmed and unhappy with the females showing their breasts,” Police Chief Keith Banks said. “The lifeguard responded and saw that they were males.”

Banks said police were called because the men originally refused to put their tops back on, but had consented before police arrived. Officers made sure the situation was under control, and no citations were issued.

Turns out they couldn’t have issued citations.

… Rehoboth law defines indecent exposure two ways:

“A male is guilty of indecent exposure if he exposes his genitals or buttocks under circumstances which he knows his conduct is likely to cause affront or alarm to another person.

A female is guilty of indecent exposure if she exposes her genitals, breasts or buttocks under circumstances which she knows her conduct is likely to cause affront or alarm to another person.”

So …

“It is important to say that under Rehoboth law this was not against the law,” Banks said. “In this case, they had male genitalia; therefore, they are not guilty of a crime.”

To read more (a fair amount), click here.

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It’s one thing for a boss to be a jerk to an employee. There are only so many Michael Scotts out there … One must draw the line, though, at beating an employee. Local prosecutors have drawn that line in the case of Vladimir Khapalov, the mayor of the Russian town of Shakhtyorsk. As reported by Reuters:

The woman was on the night watch at the administration building … when [the] mayor showed up after midnight one night last November, Interfax said.

Citing local prosecutors, it said Khapalov struck her with the door when she opened it, and hit her two more times.

Done? Nope.

He then kicked her in the hip area after accusing her of sleeping on the job and demanding she resign, Interfax said.

At one point the woman fell and hit her head on a radiator, the report said. She suffered scrapes, bruises and concussion. Interfax said the woman was hospitalized for 20 days afterwards.

Shazam! What happened to the mayor?

Khapalov has now been suspended and faces a criminal charge of violent abuse of authority.

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In Readington Township, New Jersey, a 59-year-old man actually went to his 88-year-old mom’s senior center residence – apparently drunk – and got into it with her. So what did she do? She put the hurt on him! Per the Hunterdon County Democrat:

An incident between a mother and her son brought police to the Mirota Senior Residence on Van Horn Road on Friday. Police were called around 8:30 a.m.; they gave the following account of the incident.

An 88-year-old woman and her 59-year-old son got into an argument and then the mother assaulted the son, causing visible injuries to his face. The son appeared to be intoxicated and was being loud and disturbing other residents at the complex.

The son was arrested for harassment and disorderly conduct and was released after being detained for several hours.

The mother was also arrested and charged with simple assault. She was released after being served with a summons.

Both were offered various forms of assistance provided by the county, but they both declined.

Who needs assistance? Everything is totally under control …

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Drunk people often do really stupid things, as illustrated by the acts of a gentleman in New Port Richey, Florida. Per the St. Petersburg Times:

A man was arrested Friday after deputies said he called 911 multiple times to complain his mother took his beer away.


Charles Dennison, 32, who was “very intoxicated,” told a deputy who went to their home at 1739 Dennison Road that he wanted his mother arrested for taking his beer, according to a Pasco County Sheriff’s Office arrest report. If she wasn’t charged, he said, he would continue to call 911.

A deputy charged him with making false 911 calls and took him to the jail in Land O’Lakes, where he remained Monday morning. His bail is $150.

Perhaps it’s time to find an apartment? A group house?

(Hang in there. It gets funny at 46 seconds.)

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It would be harder to make this stuff up than to tell you about it. Yes, Mr. Imran Khan, or Bristol, England, filed a claim against his employer for offering wine as an incentive. Mr. Khan, a Muslim, claimed that he was a victim of racial and religious discrimination because Muslims may not drink alcohol. He asked for damages for “hurt feelings” before the employment tribunal. The result? A unanimous raspberry. Said Chairman Clive Toomer:

A teetotal non-Muslim would have been in precisely the same position as the claimant. In those circumstances it did not seem to us that the claimant could show that there was, in fact, less favourable treatment than would have been afforded to such a hypothetical comparator.

Indeed. You can read more, but not much, here.

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paper%20wad%20ball%20into%20trash%20can%20throwing%20shooting.jpg Remember the post the other day about the doctor who got a one week suspension for having a sexual relationship with a patient? Well, Dr. Mark Blaylock got a one month suspension for … putting a picture of a government official in the trash! For real. Dr. Blaylock is the chief medical officer at the Manguzi Hospital in South Africa. It would appear that health MEC [Member of the Executive Council] Peggy Nkonyeni took great offense at this most heinous crime. So who will really suffer as a result of Dr. Blaylock’s suspension? Per allAfrica.com:

Ironically, Blaylock will make more money working as a locum doctor in the private sector during this month’s suspension than he does as a senior doctor at the rural hospital.

A hospital source who asked not to be named said that, ultimately patients would suffer most as the hospital was short-staffed and Blaylock’s skilled would be greatly missed.

They sure showed him.

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student%20sleeping%20class%20desk%20sleep%20at.gif At least, don’t fall asleep in Melissa Nadeau’s class. Why not? Just ask Vinicios Robacher, a 15-year-old student in Danbury, Connecticut. When Vinicios crashed, Ms. Nadeau allegedly awoke him by slamming [the palm of] her hand down on his desk so hard that it injured his left eardrum! The boy’s parents have filed papers with the Danbury town clerk, as the AP reported, which is “a prelude to a lawsuit.”

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So this young lady (19 years old) in Georgia was busted for passing a stopped school bus. She claims she didn’t see it because her view was blocked by 2 trucks. The judge didn’t buy it, and, per the Atlanta Journal Constitution, sentenced her to …

..write 2,500 times, “I will not dishonor myself by passing a school bus.”

Nancy Nguyen was ordered to write that sentence and pay a $350 fine, perform community service and take a defensive driving course for passing a stopped school bus in Forest Park in March.

So what’s the problem? She won’t write the sentence.

Nguyen refused to write the sentences because, she said, she didn’t intentionally pass the stopped bus; two tractor-trailer trucks blocked her view, she said. She said she would go to jail rather than write the sentences because she did not feel she had dishonored herself.

“I’m not going to demean myself and be demeaned by other people,” Nguyen told WSB-TV last week.

The Juice is without sufficient information to comment on the merits of her decision. This much is clear, though – she’s got guts.

(Prepare to hit “pause” if you want to read these.)

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Times are tough. Some folks can’t even pay their electric bill. Reuters reports the case of man who went about getting his juice in an unusual and very dangerous way.

The 36-year old man from Sibbesse in Lower Saxony concocted the plan to steal electricity after the power company cut him off for failure to pay his bills, police said.

How did he steal the juice?

The man attached a cable to the meat hook and tossed it onto an overhead power line. He then drew power from the transmission line to his home, located about 150 meters away.


“I’ve never seen anything like this in my 34-year-career,” said Friedrich-Wilhelm Lach, chief executive of regional utility Ueberlandwerke Leinetal GmbH, told Reuters. “It’s incredibly dangerous and utterly stupid.”