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Homeowner’s Association Just Says “No” – Mother Trucker!

By now just about everyone has heard of a few stupid homeowner’s association rules. But check this one out. Jim Greenwood lives in a suburb of Dallas, Texas called Frisco. More specifically, he lives in – hold your nose up, and speak nasally – Stonebriar Village. Now with his son just turning 16, old Mr. Greenwood wanted to get him a safe ride. So he dropped about $30,000 on a nicely appointed 2007 Ford F-150.

Now, if you’re thinking that the Stonebriar Village Homeowner’s Association does not allow trucks to be parked in driveways…. You would be … wrong! They just don’t allow FORD trucks [to be parked overnight, that is, in a driveway]. If Mr. Greenwood had dropped the extra coin for a Lincoln Mark LT, that would not violate the rules. What’s the difference? According to Mr. Greenwood, not much.

“It happens to come off the same assembly line in Dearborn, Mich., as the Ford F-150.”

What is the penalty for this high crime? $50 each night he’s cited for leaving the truck in the driveway overnight. It’s Texas, so you can probably guess what Mr. Greenwood decided to do.

“We’re doing the right thing now. We’re parking it in the garage.”

Yeah, that wasn’t my guess either. I’m with Austin American-Statesman writer John Kelso:

I wouldn’t call that doing the right thing. Greenwood should stick it to these snoots. After all, this is Texas. If you can’t park a new pickup in your driveway in the Lone Star State, what’s next? A ban on high school football, deer season and chicken-fried steak?


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