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No Way Is This Guy Getting Anything On Bosses Day


It’s one thing for a boss to be a jerk to an employee. There are only so many Michael Scotts out there … One must draw the line, though, at beating an employee. Local prosecutors have drawn that line in the case of Vladimir Khapalov, the mayor of the Russian town of Shakhtyorsk. As reported by Reuters:

The woman was on the night watch at the administration building … when [the] mayor showed up after midnight one night last November, Interfax said.

Citing local prosecutors, it said Khapalov struck her with the door when she opened it, and hit her two more times.

Done? Nope.

He then kicked her in the hip area after accusing her of sleeping on the job and demanding she resign, Interfax said.

At one point the woman fell and hit her head on a radiator, the report said. She suffered scrapes, bruises and concussion. Interfax said the woman was hospitalized for 20 days afterwards.

Shazam! What happened to the mayor?

Khapalov has now been suspended and faces a criminal charge of violent abuse of authority.

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