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It would appear that Mr. Octavian Borges is Taserproof. Check this out, from The Courier Mail:

A North Queensland man, aged 21, has stunned police by proving impervious to a Taser deployment and casually removing the barbs – not once but three times.

Octavian Borges casually removed the barbs fired into his upper body by police during a tense situation at Townsville on Monday.

He was Tasered again twice, but on both occasions only one barb made contact and the weapon could not make a circuit.

The incredible situation developed after Borges allegedly stole a car from a Garbutt address early Monday morning.

He was chased by the vehicle’s owner until he became bogged at Rowes Bay.

A brutal roadside fistfight then broke out sparking a flood of Triple 0 calls to police from passers-by.

When a crew arrived, a bleeding Borges ran off towards an RSL retirement village where he is alleged to have broken into an elderly lady’s apartment.

As officers entered the unit Borges was alleged to be rifling through a cutlery drawer and removed an item placing it under his shirt.

When he approached officers in a threatening matter and refused to drop the object a Taser was presented.

He failed to comply so the weapon was deployed with the barbs hitting him in the shoulder and rib area.

Incredibly, the Taser appeared to have no effect on him and he removed the barbs, taunting police with “is that the best you’ve got?”

He then ran off out of the apartment with stunned police following close behind.

He was approached and Tasered a second time, but only one of the barbs made contact – which he again pulled out.

A third deployment was also unsuccessful and Borges allegedly pulled out a torch he was hiding under his shirt.

When police realised he was not armed with a knife, they approached him and after a short struggle were able to physically restrain him.

He was taken to Townsville Hospital for treatment for a drug-related condition and the injuries he suffered in the roadside fight.

Police said the Tasers involved in the incident had been sent to Brisbane for testing to ensure they were functioning properly.

Borges was charged with enter with intent, unlawful use of a motor vehicle and multiple counts of obstructing police and appeared in Townsville Magistrates Court on Tuesday.

He was remanded in custody until his next hearing on Monday.

Can a jail cell hold this guy?

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So this homeless man in Lancaster, Ohio got burned by a taser. And I mean literally “burned.” Per the Lancaster Eagle Gazette,

Officers said they spotted a man — later identified as [Mr. Daniel C.] Wood — allegedly placing the end of a can in his mouth then running away.

When the police caught him and tasered him, his chest caught on fire. The fire was extinguished and …

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Up his ass! And other places in the vicinity… Although the Juice does not *** expletives, fox12idaho does. Here’s a portion of the transcript of a Boise, Idaho man’s arrest:

Officer #3: Do you feel this?

Complainant: Yes, sir.

Officer #3: Do you feel that? That’s my –

Complainant: okay

Officer #3: Taser up your a**.

Complainant: Okay

Officer #3: So don’t move.

Complainant: I’m trying not to. I can’t breathe.

Officer #3: Now do you feel this in your balls?

His cajones too?

Complainant: I do, sir. I’m not going to move. I’m not gonna move.

Officer #3: Now I’m gonna tase your balls if you move again.

A minute later, this exchange occurred:

Officer #3: Okay, I’m gonna take this taser out of your a**hole now. Are you going to fight with me?

Complainant: No, not at all, sir.

That there’s some mighty fine police work … The “Complainant” complained and

Last week an ombudsman reported the police officers did use excessive force. That ruling came about because of that second round of tape we played you in which the officer threatened to taser the man’s genitalia, and did taser his buttocks.

And yes, the guy is filing suit against Boise. Wouldn’t you? (The other side: “The Police were initially called to the man’s house in response to a domestic dispute. They say the man pushed against the door to keep them out, and also yelled profanity.”) Here’s the source.

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Now, dear, don’t be … oh my! He is driving backwards – down the highway! As reported by (Washington State):

Police arrested a driver Thursday night who was cruising along Interstate 5 — in reverse.

The 41-year-old man drove at least three miles backward on Interstate 5 before his arrest around 8:30 p.m. Thursday, Cowlitz County Sheriff’s deputy Ryan Cruser said.

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A 14-year-old Canadian girl was arrested for being drunk and disorderly (she later pleaded guilty) and was placed in a cell. Maybe it’s just me, but how much of a threat can a girl that age – in a jail cell – be? As reported by

Roberts [the family’s lawyer] said the two officers used the conductive energy device after the girl had been “sporadically peeling paint from the walls of her jail cell.” The lawsuit said she “remained motionless for nearly an hour.”

You taser a girl in a cell for peeling paint? I know, that’s the family’s lawyer talking. Well, there is a video of the whole thing, which the girls father has seen, but the police won’t release. Hmmm.

Roberts said a surveillance video taken in the jail cell that has been viewed by the girl’s father and the native band chief allegedly showed the girl scream as she was pinned down and Tasered for three seconds by the officers. He said police have refused to turn over the video to him.

I’m with the family’s lawyer on this one.

“This is not a matter of us being anti-cop because we know that most cops do a great service for us every day,” he said. “This tool is something that is to be used only in emergency situations, and now it is being used frequently. I don’t understand why they feel the need to apply an electric shock to a 14-year-old girl presenting no danger to herself or anyone.”

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Unlike the incident in yesterday’s post, I don’t have any problem with this shocker in Ypsilanti, Michigan. As reported at,

Ypsilanti Police Sgt. Deric Gress said police were called to the scene at 4:10 a.m. on a report of a man chasing a woman outside an apartment complex. When police arrived, the man stripped his clothes off. He had what appeared to a knife in one hand, police said, and he asked police to kill him, then quickly changed the subject.

Officers ordered the man to lie on the ground, but he instead went toward an officer, who fired the stun gun at him. The man fell and let go of what officers had thought was a knife; it turned out to be a large pen.

End of incident? Nope.

The man pulled one of the Taser probes from his body, then ran toward a female bystander, whom he grabbed. Police ordered the 24-year-old Ypsilanti man to the ground again, but he ran off, so police used the Taser a second time and were able to bring him under to control.

Ouch. Click here for the source.

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An incredibly threatening … squeegee. Really. Maybe the drugs killed him – maybe not. Here’s the story, from the Orlando Sentinel:

A sheriff’s office spokesman said the man who deputies Tasered in south Orange County died this morning.

Capt. Angelo Nieves of the Orange County Sheriff’s Office confirmed the man was “under the influence” when deputies used a Taser to control him. The agency has not released the man’s name.

Witnesses told deputies the man was charging at cars with a hammer on Landstreet Road and Orange Blossom Trail overnight.

Orange County deputies arrived at the scene and determined the man was holding a squeegee. Cmdr. Spike Hopkins said deputies found a wrench in the man’s vehicle and determined the suspect was dangerous. “The bizarre behavior was indicative of someone who was overdosing,” Hopkins said. Reports show the deputies tried to calm the man, but it didn’t work. Deputies stunned him with a Taser twice.

Here’s the source.

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Really. This happened to 16-year-old Ozark, Missouri resident Mace Hutchinson. Here’s the story, from

A family from Branson wants answers about what happened to their son that left him hospitalized. Early Saturday morning, police found Mace Hutchinson, 16, underneath the Highway F overpass over U.S. 65. Mace ended up in intensive care at a hospital. His parents believe the actions of Ozark police officers contributed to his injuries and slowed doctors’ abilities to speed his recovery.

We called the police. My wife was afraid he was going to get ran over or hit,” said witness Doug Messersmith.

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taser%20Don%27t%20Tase%20me%20bro.jpg So maybe it’s only a little strange that 65-year-old Tad Gunter is living with his 85-year-old mother, Margery Gunter. Actually, it’s really nice if he’s taking care of her. What do you think, nice or strange?

Margery Gunter told deputies that her son, Tad Gunter, has been acting weird for the past month, according to an arrest report. She told deputies that her son sits in the living room and fondles himself sexually five times a day in front of her.

Shazam! I guess you could say the day was going along like any other [at least for the past month] until Ms. Gunter messed with her son’s routine. She asked him to refill a prescription for her, and he wigged out, throwing a bottle of laundry detergent at her. Then, as reported by the Naples Daily News,

A witness, Ruel Montez, grabbed Margery Gunter, brought her to the kitchen and locked the door. Tad Gunter began yelling and throwing things around the room, reports said.

Mr. Gunter did not take kindly to police intervention.

When a deputy arrived, Tad Gunter told him to leave, put his hand on the deputy’s chest and pushed him, authorities said. During a confrontation, the deputy pushed Tad Gunter to the floor. When he tried to get up while swinging his arms and kicking his legs, the deputy drew his Taser.

Don’t tase him, bro!

When Tad Gunter attempted to kick the deputy, the deputy deployed his Taser, striking him with a five-second jolt. During the struggle the deputy gave Gunter two more five-second jolts until one of the Taser’s probes fell out, report said.

When Gunter continued to struggle, the deputy delivered two three-second shocks by placing the Taser against his calf, the Sheriff’s Office reported.

Is this dude shockproof? Nope.

After he was handcuffed Tad Gunter apologized for his behavior.

Um. Er. Uh. Sorry. (Here’s the Naples Daily News story.)

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Okay, maybe that sounds just a little insane. But consider this – he was driving! As reported in the Reading Eagle,

Messerly was driving his employer’s minivan on the bypass in West Reading about 3 p.m. April 4 when he climbed out of the driver-side window, stood on the roof and was catapulted into the woods when the van crashed into a guide rail, borough police said.

And that was just the beginning. Mr. Messerly (age 38, of Reading, Pennsylvania) was then seen running – totally naked – along the road. Someone called the cops, and here’s what happened:

When they arrived, the officers were confronted by a nude Messerly, who came toward them and ignored orders to stop. Two of the officers used Taser stun guns on Messerly to try to stop him.

Messerly fell to the ground, but got up as the officers approached him. A third officer hit Messerly in the back with a Taser, which briefly stunned him.

Messerly still refused to heed the officers’ orders and started toward them again.

One of the officers sprayed Messerly in the face with pepper spray, another hit him in the back with a baton and another reactivated one of the Tasers.

Messerly still refused to cooperate.

After a second shot of pepper spray to his face, another hit to his back with a baton and a fifth jolt from a Taser, Messerly was taken to the ground and handcuffed.

Unbelievable! The explanation?

… Messerly … told police he had used crack cocaine the night before the April 4 accident and had not slept since then, according to [Court] documents.

The charges?

… driving under the influence, risking a catastrophe, indecent exposure, resisting arrest, public drunkenness and related offenses.

Here’s the source.