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Everyone does things they regret (or should), including doctors. That’s why there are a variety of sanctions available when a doctor violates the applicable code of conduct, including the permanent loss of one’s medical license. Check out the actions of Dr. Gregory James Wilks (Victoria, Australia) as reported by Adelaide Now:

The Victorian Medical Board had found that in 2004, Wilks made inappropriate comments to two young women during consultations and later propositioned one of them in a text message.

Bad stuff, right? But, absent aggravating circumstances, probably not something that should be punished with a lifetime ban. How about this?

He later entered into a sexual relationship with another female patient, while the woman and her husband were consulting him about sexual issues.

Flat-out despicable. Though he should have been banned for life, he wasn’t.

…[in 2007] Wilks was banned from registering in Victoria until December 17 this year [2010] …

Not being able to work in Victoria, the good doctor sought work in South Australia. Incredibly, he was offered a job at a hospital in Cooper Pedy. So he applied for a medical license in South Australia. Displaying much better sense the the aforementioned hospital …

The SA Medical Board refused that application, and Wilks appealed to the Supreme Court.

Dr. Wilks represented himself, but guess who helped? The woman he victimized when he was treating her and her husband! And he’s still in a relationship with her! He lost, big time.

In dismissing the appeal, Justice Thomas Gray said allowing Wilks to register in SA before the Victorian ban ended would “shock the public conscience”.

“There is a need to protect the public from unprofessional medical practitioners, particularly those who are indifferent to basic professional standards,” Justice Gray said.

“The doctor-patient relationship is one of trust and power, and one that demands both neutrality and professionalism.”

Amen. This guy is a predator. Here’s hoping the authorities recognize this when his ban ends on December 17. Here’s the source.

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It’s always a good idea to check your doctor out online before your first visit. Had some of Dr. George Korol’s patients done so, they probably would have asked to see another doctor. As reported in The Edmonton Journal:

A Winnipeg doctor who previously lost his U.S. medical licence for violent criminal behaviour has been stripped of his ability to practise medicine in Manitoba …

First question [rhetorical]: How did he ever get a license in Manitoba?

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If these allegations prove to be true, it would be a travesty if this guy keeps his license. Here are the allegations, as reported by The Sudbury Star:

The Notice of Hearing document lists some of the allegations. Patient A was with Bonin from 2003 to 2008. During their patient-physician relationship, he allegedly engaged in “touching, fondling, and kissing Patient A’s breasts and making comments of a sexual nature to Patient A.”

Patient B was under his care for a year, from 2007 to 2008. During this time he is alleged to have been “making comments of a sexual nature.”

What’s the governing body doing about this while the charges are pending?

The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario has posted the following explanation on its website:

“It is alleged that Dr. [Miguel] Bonin sexually abused two patients, and committed acts relevant to the practice of medicine that, having regard to all the circumstances, would reasonably be regarded as disgraceful, dishonourable or unprofessional.”

How about all three – disgraceful, dishonourable AND unprofessional?

Until his hearing before the college’s Discipline Committee, Bonin, who has been practising as a family physician since the mid-1990s and delivers babies, can only meet with his female patients in the presence of a monitor, approved by the college. This monitor is required to log all of the doctor’s encounters with female patients. As well, a representative from the college can drop in unannounced at any time to inspect his office.

You can read more – a fair amount – here. And if you want to read more “doctor, doctor” posts, click here.

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How does this doctor get away with just losing his license and getting fined? The conduct seems criminal to The Juice. What do you think? Per the Winnipeg Free Press:

In what college officials called “an egregious breach” of ethics in their written decision, a Beausejour doctor has been barred from practicing after having a sexual relationship with a mentally unstable patient.

David Corder treated an unnamed woman for five years in the early 1990s. During that time, the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Manitoba found Corder had questionable boundary issues with the patient, had prescribed numerous drugs and failed to properly chart her treatment.

The woman was suicidal, depressed, addicted to prescription drugs and suffered numerous mental health issues, making her particularly vulnerable, the College noted in a recent decision.

It was in 1995 and 1996 that the relationship turned sexual and exploitative.

“He victimized Ms. X,” wrote the College. “He used her, abused her trust.”

Think that might be a bit of an understatement?

In the same decision the college also noted Corder also had an inappropriate — but not sexual — relationship with a second female patient to whom he prescribed potentially addictive drugs.

You already know the punishment:

The College’s discipline committee revoked Corder’s registration and medical licence and demanded $20,000 in costs.


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Let’s just say that Canadian doctor Martin Gillen is in a class by himself – hopefully. As reported by the Ottawa Citizen:

[Gillen’s boss] said [he] was upfront with him about a 2001 incident in which he was caught masturbating as a drugged female patient lay on his examining table.

Egad. Maybe he was “upfront” about the incident BECAUSE IT’S ON FILM! As a result of the incident, Dr. Gillen lost his license and …

The former pain specialist was convicted of sexual assault and spent six months in jail for that crime. He will remain on the provincial sex offender registry until 2017.

Now he’s trying to get his license back, but …

Upon questioning, however, [Gillen’s boss] learned Wednesday Gillen neglected to tell him the full extent of similar allegations that resulted in a nine-month suspension in 1989.

Doh! Regarding the 1989 incident…

Although he was found not guilty of criminal charges, a judge ruled “there was ample evidence to justify the finding of guilt by the (College’s) Discipline Committee.”

The hearing is continuing.

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Perhaps this doctor was absent when they discussed the “doctor/patient relationship” in medical school. If the evidence that led to his “summary suspension” holds up when there is a full-blown hearing, it’s goodbye “Dr. Perry,” and hello “Mr. Perry.” As set forth in the “Order of Suspension” issued 2 days ago by the Tennessee Board of Medical Examiners:

Evidence was presented to the Board that [Dr. Larry E. Perry, while in the examination room with a female patient, exposed his penis and urged the patient to perform oral sex on him. The patient refused to do so initially, and then offered to do so if [Dr. Perry] would increase the amount of Xanax that he was prescribing for her. [Dr. Perry] agreed to increase the patient’s Xanax dosage from twice a day to three times a day and the patient then performed oral sex on [Dr. Perry].

And if that’s not enough …

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So, what would you do for a $16,000 Rolex watch? According to the children of retired Manteca Police lieutenant Jerry Kubena, Dr. Cleveland Enmon [formerly] of St. Joseph’s Medical Center in Stockton, California, let their father die so he could take his Rolex. To read more(a LOT) and to see photos and a video, click here for the story in The Record.

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Not only did this doctor have sex with his patient … he did so in his office, weekly, and at least one of those times … her husband was in the waiting room! Per

A doctor ‘nearly fell off the couch’ when a patient told him her husband was in a surgery waiting room outside while they had sex, a disciplinary panel heard.

Dr Michael Rusling indulged in regular sex sessions with the grandmother, the General Medical Council heard. Known as Patient A, the grandmother enjoyed weekly liaisons with him in a seven-month affair at the Sydenham House Group Practice in Hull in 2006-07.

Dr Rusling, of Beverley in East Yorkshire, admits inappropriate conduct and an abuse of power but denies his fitness to practise is impaired. The hearing continues.

Dude. You really don’t think your fitness to practice is impaired? One has to question the judgment of a doctor who doesn’t question his judgment under these circumstances.

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Timothy Paul Gatschet of Wichita, Kansas was not exactly a shining example of what a doctor should be. From The Hays Daily News:

[The Kansas State Board of Healing Arts] had taken away his license in 1993 for inappropriate conduct.

In 1996, he was convicted of three felony counts of attempted enticement of a child.

The board reinstated Gatschet’s license in 1998, but limited his practice to geriatrics.

And finally … …

Gatschet … was sentenced Monday in Ellis County court to three years and seven months in prison. He pleaded guilty in March to criminal use of an explosive device and attempted use of an explosive device.

And what about his physician’s license, which appeared to be coated with teflon?

Gatschet gave [it] up in April rather than face disciplinary proceedings by the Kansas State Board of Healing Arts.

I was starting to wonder what a doctor has to do in Kansas to lose his license for good. Here’s the source.

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They must really need dermatologists in Edmonton. Either that or perhaps they make it a practice to coddle offending doctors. Dr. Paul Lubitz had sex with not one, not two, not three, but FOUR of his patients. Really, should this guy be practicing medicine? [No!] He is, after serving an 18-month suspension.

And check out this comment from a website with consumer comments on health care providers [it’s the 3/20/08 entry]:

I am a former staff member of Dr.Lubitz. I was terminated, along with all the other staff, when he “Fell ill”. NONE of us were given our vacation pay or severance and were told we would have to sue if we wanted it! I can also tell you that he wrote the reviews on this page on 6/7/07 – the first listed one, and 6/6/07 – the positive review! I saw him do it. He is not a nice man, and always treated his staff horribly. He only cares about himself!