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Sex Doctor Back At It


They must really need dermatologists in Edmonton. Either that or perhaps they make it a practice to coddle offending doctors. Dr. Paul Lubitz had sex with not one, not two, not three, but FOUR of his patients. Really, should this guy be practicing medicine? [No!] He is, after serving an 18-month suspension.

And check out this comment from a website with consumer comments on health care providers [it’s the 3/20/08 entry]:

I am a former staff member of Dr.Lubitz. I was terminated, along with all the other staff, when he “Fell ill”. NONE of us were given our vacation pay or severance and were told we would have to sue if we wanted it! I can also tell you that he wrote the reviews on this page on 6/7/07 – the first listed one, and 6/6/07 – the positive review! I saw him do it. He is not a nice man, and always treated his staff horribly. He only cares about himself!