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Think This Doctor Should Be Practicing Medicine?


Everyone does things they regret (or should), including doctors. That’s why there are a variety of sanctions available when a doctor violates the applicable code of conduct, including the permanent loss of one’s medical license. Check out the actions of Dr. Gregory James Wilks (Victoria, Australia) as reported by Adelaide Now:

The Victorian Medical Board had found that in 2004, Wilks made inappropriate comments to two young women during consultations and later propositioned one of them in a text message.

Bad stuff, right? But, absent aggravating circumstances, probably not something that should be punished with a lifetime ban. How about this?

He later entered into a sexual relationship with another female patient, while the woman and her husband were consulting him about sexual issues.

Flat-out despicable. Though he should have been banned for life, he wasn’t.

…[in 2007] Wilks was banned from registering in Victoria until December 17 this year [2010] …

Not being able to work in Victoria, the good doctor sought work in South Australia. Incredibly, he was offered a job at a hospital in Cooper Pedy. So he applied for a medical license in South Australia. Displaying much better sense the the aforementioned hospital …

The SA Medical Board refused that application, and Wilks appealed to the Supreme Court.

Dr. Wilks represented himself, but guess who helped? The woman he victimized when he was treating her and her husband! And he’s still in a relationship with her! He lost, big time.

In dismissing the appeal, Justice Thomas Gray said allowing Wilks to register in SA before the Victorian ban ended would “shock the public conscience”.

“There is a need to protect the public from unprofessional medical practitioners, particularly those who are indifferent to basic professional standards,” Justice Gray said.

“The doctor-patient relationship is one of trust and power, and one that demands both neutrality and professionalism.”

Amen. This guy is a predator. Here’s hoping the authorities recognize this when his ban ends on December 17. Here’s the source.