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The Juice wasn’t there, but that’s never stopped him from passing judgment before. This seems like a harmless prank. What do you think? As reported by The Sun News (at Cleveland.com):

A Northfield boy, 17, was arrested Dec. 17 and charged with disorderly conduct after he alarmed shoppers at Nordstrom in Beachwood Place.

The boy’s method of alarming involved putting on a Batman mask and red sunglasses on his face and a hood covering his head and then running full speed through the shopping area. Police were called and took the boy from the store.

The Juice doesn’t see the harm, though he does see the source, which is here.

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It’s only fitting that a man who was watching a woman who was not aware she was being watched, was caught because, while he was watching, he was also being watched. Get it? Sure, it would have been easier (though much less satisfying) to say “peeping Tom caught by camera.” As reported by wmbf.com (Myrtle Beach):

It was just after midnight on Wednesday when a woman living on Pridgen Road noticed a man peering through her bedroom window with his face “only inches away from the glass,” states the incident report from Myrtle Beach Police.

The woman was on the phone with her boyfriend at the time, and believes a passing car scared the man away. But moments later the man was spotted again looking through the woman’s kitchen window.

Go home!

Later in the day, the woman reported what she saw to the manager of her apartment complex who was able to view the incident on the surveillance cameras. The video shows the man looking into two different windows in the victim’s apartment, then entering an apartment in the same building.


A neighbor of the victim viewed the video and identified the man as her husband, who left their home when he learned the victim had called police.

Yet another problem solved by just avoiding … wait, this just in …

Myrtle Beach Police sought warrants against the suspect, 23-year-old Tony Darin Hayes. He was taken into custody late Thursday night and charged with peeping tom, eavesdropping or peeping.

Here’s the source.

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Hey, if you’ve got something against the joint’s pizza, there are alternatives to this. As reported by courierpostonline.com (Cherry Hill, New Jersey):

Friends and neighbors Saturday came to the aid of a pizza shop owner whose store on Marlton Pike in Pennsauken was heavily damaged when a Jeep Grand Cherokee smashed into the building. Not once, but twice.

Stephanie Boese, owner of Roman’s Pizza on the 3600 block of the pike, said video captured the Jeep slamming into the store around 3:30 a.m. Saturday. The vehicle then backed up and drove into the shop again. The driver fled the scene.

Twice? Not cool. Did they at least catch the perp?

Boese said Pennsauken police told her they had captured a suspect, but she had no other details. An officer who answered the department’s phone late Saturday evening said he had no updates on the incident.

Boom! You can read more (a fair amount) and see a photo of the damage here.

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Let’s just say this story involves seeking comfort from an animal, specifically, a donkey. You have been warned. As reported in The Sunday News:

In an incident that left the people of Filabusi dumbstricken, a 71-year-old widower was last week arraigned before the courts after he was caught raping a donkey.

The accused, Edwin Ndlovu, resides at Lunyame Village [in Zimbabwe] under Chief Bekezela Sibaya. He was charged for contravening section 74 of the criminal law (Codification and Reform Act) chapter 9:23, Beastility.

He appeared before Filabusi magistrate Miss Sheila Nazombe on 18 November and was found guilty.

Mr Jethro Mada for the state told the court that on 15 November at around noon the accused was caught having sex with a donkey in a bush near the fields.

The offence was discovered by the owner of the donkey, Mr Jeconiah Gumpi (62), who resides in the same village. Upon catching him at the scene, Mr Gumpi demanded an explanation as to why the accused was having sexual intercourse with his donkey.

The accused did not give a satisfactory answer, and the owner of the donkey reported the matter to the police leading to his arrest.

[scratching head] What exactly would qualify as a “satisfactory answer?”

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The world did not end on December 21, 2012. Everyone, except perhaps Mr. Davis, is happy about this. As reported by timesonline.com (Beaver, PA):

A Rochester police report said Melanie Mountain, no age or address given, called 911 Dec. 21 and reported that she had been assaulted by her boyfriend, Michael John Davis, 33, of 3147 Brodhead Road.

The report said Mountain was driving her car and Davis was a passenger when he became upset with her for, “not being with him ‘on the end of the world.'” Davis hit Mountain on the side of the head and face while she was driving near the area of Reno Street and Virginia Avenue, the report said.

Um, it didn’t end. So how could she have been with you for something that didn’t happen?

Mountain drove to Davis’ mother’s house on Lacock Street where Davis hit her again, took her car keys and broke her mobile phone, the report said. Mountain was able to get her keys back and drive to a phone, the report said.

Time for a new boyfriend.

Davis was charged with simple assault, harassment and criminal mischief.

Here’s the source.

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The chances that authorities would try to enforce this Massachusetts law? Squadoosh!

Section 36A. Whoever, having arrived at the age of sixteen years, directs any profane, obscene or impure language or slanderous statement at a participant or an official in a sporting event, shall be punished by a fine of not more than fifty dollars.

Here’s the source.

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Ma’am, that certainly is a nice television you have there… As reported by The Belleville News-Democrat (Belleville, Illinois)

12/30/12 – Theft — First block of Kingery Court The victim reported the suspect came to her residence, struck up a conversation with her, and while she sat on the couch, he unhooked and unplugged her TV and walked out of the residence with it.

Um. Mister, watcha doing with my tee-vee?

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This really is like the hen picking up the phone, calling the fox, and inviting him over for dinner. As for why this gent would call the police, consider what he was doing in his house. As reported by The Florida Times-Union:

Shaune Lawrence, 54, reported his Fleming Court home had been invaded by two men and gave deputies consent to search, the Sheriff’s Office said. Once inside, they instead found a spare bedroom and bathroom that were being used as “grow rooms” containing the plants and an elaborate setup of lights and chemicals.

Think he was baked?

Lawrence was arrested about 4 a.m., charged with cultivating marijuana, possession of more than 20 grams of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia.

The Sheriff’s Office said the plants would have yielded 55 pounds for a street value of about $44,000.

Here’s the source.

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The queen of the McNuggets. The Juice blogged about Ms. Dushane previously, but at the time, the video of the incident had not been released. It has now, and here it is:

As reported by The Toledo Blade:

The video was made public, according to the Lucas County prosecutor’s office, because Dushane did not appeal her July 7 sentencing by Lucas County Common Pleas Judge Linda Jennings to three years probation and 60 days in the Corrections Center of Northwest Ohio.

She was ordered to pay $1,531.97 in restitution. Dushane pleaded no contest May 11 to one count of vandalism at McDonald’s, 90 Main St.

The video shows her throwing a bottle through the drive-through window, which she then further breaks with a fist. She later admitted she was drunk.

Her quest began New Year’s Day in the drive-through at the McDonald’s, where she’d gone for chicken McNuggets. By her arrival, though, breakfast items – not McNuggets – were being served.

You can read a fair amount more here.

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The Juice is a believer in some old-fashioned notions, like men holding the elevator door open for women. Too bad a fellow in Boston, Mohammed Warsame, is not likeminded. Here’s why, as reported by The Boston Herald:

A Roxbury man was slopped with a plate of pasta, punched, kicked, spit on and beaten with handbags by two women who told investigators they needed to “teach him a lesson” for not holding an elevator door for them, police said.

Holy smokes!

When Boston police arrived at 1050 Tremont St. late Saturday night to break up the lift tiff, they said they found noodles dripping off the back of Mohammed Warsame.

Kenyana McQuay, 27, and Waltia Funches, 28, told officers Warsame “was rude to them” because he didn’t hold the elevator door open as they walked into the building, and so “they had to use their fists, their bags and their feet to teach him a lesson.”

Warsame said he threw water bottles at the two women to try and fend them off.

Certainly etiquette sticklers like these ladies would treat the police with respect, right? Wrong.

Police, who described McQuay and Funches as “extremely agitated,” “uncooperative” and “verbally abusive toward officers,” summonsed both women to Roxbury District Court on assault and battery charges.

Oh my!