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In relationships, as with many other things, you need to know when to cut your losses. For this Florida woman, it’s clearly time. As reported by the Northwest Florida Daily News:

A man was arrested after he locked his girlfriend in a shed and threw cottage cheese at her.

The woman called law enforcement about her boyfriend of about five years after the 43-year-old locked her in a shed, threw a container of cottage cheese at her and then tried to pour gasoline on her, according to the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office arrest report.

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Even though McDonald’s has sold over 100 billion burgers (can you feel your arteries clogging?), a restaurant named “McCurry” (Malaysian Chicken Curry) would not be intimidated. As reported by the BBC News:

The American fast-food giant McDonald’s has lost an eight-year legal battle to prevent a Malaysian restaurant calling itself McCurry.

Talk about David vs. Goliath.

McCurry opened for business in Kuala Lumpur in 1999, and serves Indian dishes, including fish head curry and breads including tandoori naan.

So it was McDonald’s (with over 30,000 “restaurants” worldwide, including 180 in Malaysia) against 1 McCurry. With the end of the litigation, McCurry looks to change that.

“We can now go ahead with whatever we plan to do such as opening new branches,” [McCurry owner P Suppiah] said.

Here’s the source.

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Who doesn’t want a Land Rover? Even if you are going to steal one, clearly this is not the best way to go about it. As reported by FloridaToday.com:

A 24-year-old man is in jail today after sheriff’s investigators said he broke into a car dealership, drove through two sets of bay doors and crashed into 11 vehicles on the lot.

Travis Stone was charged with burglary, grand theft auto and 11 separate counts of criminal mischief in connection with the break-in that left behind $30,000 in damage to the Island Lincoln Mercury dealership at 1850 Merritt Island Causeway.

Now this might surprise you …

“He was highly intoxicated. He told us that he didn’t remember how he got into the dealership but he remembers driving through the bay doors,” said Agent Craig Carson of the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office.

Investigators said Stone got into the garage and drove off with a 2000 Land Rover that was in the dealership for repairs. Investigators said Stone then drove through locked bay doors, damaging the building in the process.

Deputies spotted the Land Rover and attempted to stop the vehicle. Stone was arrested after a short foot pursuit, investigators said.

Here’s the source, including a mug shot.

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When you think of a crime spree, don’t you think of a string of similar crimes? Irishman
Richard William O’Flynn, in Australia on a 2-year visa, defied convention with his spree. As reported by livenews.com.au:

His most bizarre act was to take a goldfish into a Ticketek office in the CBD and demand money so he could pay for food to feed it.

On another occasion he and a male friend got drunk and entered a cake store, where he demanded a “gay cake” for their “gay wedding”. O’Flynn then picked up a cake decorating knife and threatened the assistant, asking for money. When she told him she would call the police, he and his friend left the store, the court was told.

O’Flynn… also pleaded guilty to wilful damage for kicking a car during an argument in Bundaberg.

And finally,

He also pleaded guilty to using [the telephone] to menace, harass or cause offence after repeatedly calling a real estate agent and abusing her because she left a flyer in his mailbox.

We all hate those flyers, but seriously dude, recycle, don’t hate. What is Mr. O’Flynn’s fate? His guilty pleas were met with a sentence of “12 months [in] jail suspended after 80 days, which he has already served in pre-sentence custody.” A few parting words from the Judge:

Judge Griffin described O’Flynn’s behaviour as “disgraceful” and said Australia would be better off without him. [O’Flynn is returning to Ireland at the end of the month.]

“We will all be altogether pleased to see you go,” Judge Griffin said.

Really, is that any way to treat a guest in your country?

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The Juice has shared many “911” stories over the years. (Click here for all Juice posts with “911.”) This one is clearly “top 5” material. As reported by The Sandusky Register (Ohio):

Officers responded to the 100 block of E. Water St. at 3:17 a.m., where several bar patrons had been arguing. Police told Joseph A. Walsh, 26, to calm down and leave the area.

And of course Mr. Walsh … didn’t.

Walsh started to get into a vehicle with some friends to leave, but then began arguing with one of the men and shoved him, police said.

Police arrested Walsh for persistent disorderly conduct. While taking him into custody, officers said Walsh was unsteady on his feet, had bloodshot eyes and slurred speech.

Officers also found a rolled $20 bill containing suspected cocaine residue on it in Walsh’s front pocket.

Having clearly done nothing wrong …

Walsh became belligerent with officers while en route to the police department, so they placed Walsh in a holding cell, but he screamed and pounded on the door, refusing to settle down, they said.

Police then handcuffed Walsh to the holding-cell door to keep him from hurting himself or damaging department property.

Apparently that was the final straw for Mr. Walsh.

… while officers completed charges against Walsh, he managed to take out his cell phone and call 911 to complain that he was being held against his will.


Police took the phone and served Walsh with charges of possession of cocaine, persistent disorderly conduct and misuse of 911. He was booked into the Erie County Jail.

Doh! Here’s the source.

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“We just robbed the Chicken Shack! We just robbed the Chicken Shack!” Okay, so these Lakeland, Florida perps didn’t actually yell that out, but they might as well have. As reported by wtsp.com:

Tuesday morning, Officers Tony Williams and David Kaiser responded to reports of a burglary at the Chicken Shack located at 813 West Memorial Blvd. When police showed up, they found the business had been robbed of t-shirts, beer and other property.

A witness who called in the burglary also reported seeing two men running from the store and was able to give a description of the men. A short time later, and not very far away, the officers spotted 35-year-old Chad Berrien and 31-year-old Rickey Wright.

You’ll recall that they stole some t-shirts. Yup …

Police say Berrien and Wright were both wearing Chicken Shack t-shirts and had several more in a bag. The suspects also still had some of the stolen beer minus what they had already drank.

They were drinking? No way.

Both men are charged with burglary and grand theft.

Here’s the source, including mug shots.

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This is really gross and weird. Who likes sucking blood so much that he would do it for 2-3 minutes? Why would you let someone do that? As reported by The Arizona Republic:

A vampire-crazed man was sentenced Monday to three years probation for stabbing a friend who had refused to let him suck his blood.

Some “friend” he turned out to be …

[Aaron] Homer [age 24] stabbed the arm of Robert Maley, 25, of Chandler on Oct. 4 after Maley refused to let him suck his blood a second time, the police report said.

Maley had let Homer suck his blood before, but only because Homer was threatening to cut his ex-girlfriend or her friend. Homer sucked his blood for two to three minutes that time.

Two to three minutes!

On Oct. 4, Homer was demanding to suck his blood a second time.

“I said no, and he flipped,” Maley told police. “He said, ‘I’m doing it,’ and then boom . . . he stabbed me.”

Maley fled from Homer’s apartment on the 600 block of North Alma School Road, leaving a trail of blood in addition to fake blood that Homer or his girlfriend, Amanda Williamson, 21, had spread on the floor, according to the police report.

“They think they are vampires,” said Maley of Homer and Williamson. The pair, he said, are also into paganism.

Homer later admitted to police he stabbed Maley because he was making fun of their “religion.”

How do you get no jail time after admitting that you stabbed someone? Here’s the source.

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There’s a dress code at the mall? At least at the Quaker Bridge Mall in Trenton, New Jersey there is. And in case you think the saggy pants looks is a male thing, think again. As reported by The Lawrenceville Patch:

Ashley L. Diggs, 24, of the 800 block of East State Street in Trenton, was charged with disorderly conduct after she allegedly refused to pull her pants up inside Quaker Bridge Mall, according to Edgar.

Diggs was reportedly walking around the mall, in the 3300 block of Brunswick Pike (Route 1), about 6 p.m. Saturday with her underwear visible, Edgar said. He said mall security officers approached Diggs, advised her of the mall’s dress code, and asked her to “pull her pants up.”