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Freedom … can be short-lived. If you follow this Florida woman’s lead, very short-lived. As reported by abcactionnews.com:

[Jennifer McNeill, 42 had] just been released from jail a few hours earlier on a trespassing charge.

Naturally, she was hungry, and thirsty. So …

According to a Hernando County Sheriff’s Office report, [she] had dinner Wednesday night at the Carrabba’s on Cortez Boulevard in Brooksville. She consumed $45 worth of food and wine.

Delicious. Waiter, check please…

When it came time to pay her bill, the restaurant manager told detectives she handed over a credit card that subsequently was declined.

McNeill proceeded to hand over several other credit cards, according to the report, all of which were also declined.


The manager gave McNeill one hour to find someone to come to Carrabba’s to pay her bill. When no one responded, McNeill grew belligerent. Then she started texting people.

The old “one-hour rule.” [Who knew, though it seems reasonable to The Juice.]

At 11:23 p.m., a deputy took her into custody.

McNeill was given no bond, however, because [of her recent release.]

Back in the pokey for $45. That’s gotta hurt. Here’s the source, including a mug shot.

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Is it really fair to sentence someone to four years in prison for stealing underwear? Before you answer that, you might want to ask “how many times?” and “from where?” As reported by the Winnipeg Free Press:

James Duerksen spent more than two decades invading the privacy of unsuspecting female victims and satisfying his sexual fetishes. Now the convicted serial lingerie thief is headed to prison after the Manitoba Court of Appeal overturned a conditional sentence that allowed him to remain free in the community.

Duerksen, 40, learned this week the high court has imposed a four-year sentence for crimes they call “strange and disconcerting.” Duerksen, a married father of two, pleaded guilty last year to 92 charges of break, enter and theft that occurred over a 21-year period in Manitoba and Alberta.

Shazam! You can read more (a fair amount) here.

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The pizza delivery person gets robbed so often, that it’s almost an occupational hazard. But this young lady decided to flip the script. As reported by wmctv.com (Memphis, Tennessee):

Once the victims’ pizza was delivered, a visitor went to leave the home, and noticed her purse was missing from her car.

Down the street, a neighbor’s house is wired with video surveillance equipment. Those cameras captured the bizarre theft.

Let’s go to the video.

“The pizza was delivered to the house and as the delivery person was leaving, she looked over into the victim’s car and saw the purse and took the purse from the car. And left,” described Lt. Grigsby.

The purse contained $1,400. That is enough to warrant a felony theft charge.

Apprehending the perp could not have been easier.

By the time deliver driver Amanda Theobald returned to her store around the block, police were already waiting for her.

Curse you surveilling neighbor! You’ll find the source, and a video news story, here.

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If you find money along the side of the road, can you keep it? Maybe. It depends on where the money came from. In this, case, unfortunately for the finders, it’s a “no.” As reported by The South Bend Tribune:

The day after a Michigan City-area bank robbery, drivers apparently were stopping in Portage, Ind., and still finding money the holdup suspect allegedly threw from his car window along Interstate 94 during a police chase into Illinois.

So what’s the problem? Well …

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So you’re saying that stealing a $1 soda can lead to a felony charge? Well, yeah. Here’s how, as reported by the Naples Daily News:

After filling a courtesy cup with soda Thursday at the McDonald’s soda fountain and then leaving the restaurant, Mark Abaire, 52, of the 500 block of 14th Street North, was arrested by Collier deputies and now faces a felony theft charge, a sheriff’s report shows.

Really? A felony?

A manager told sheriff’s deputies that Abaire entered the store and asked for a glass of water around 10 p.m. Although the employee told him the cup was for water, Abaire filled it with soda at a fountain machine and sat outside the restaurant, according to an arrest report.

During a conversation with the manager, Abaire declined to pay for the soda, valued at $1, refused to leave the premises, and cursed at the manager, the report stated.

Okay, wrong, uncool, but a felony? Please explain.

While his charge is petty theft, because of previous petty theft convictions, the charge for drinking the unpaid-for soda was increased from a misdemeanor to a felony, the arrest report shows. In Florida, a third-degree felony can result in a sentence of up to 5 years in prison and a $5,000 fine.

Seems a little harsh, even for an enhancement, no? And to add to this gent’s woes …

Abaire faces additional misdemeanor counts of trespassing and disorderly intoxication. On Saturday, he remained in the Collier County jail with bond set at $6,500.

You’ll find the source, and a mug shot, here.

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How could The Juice possibly know that people in Wyoming were fishing with guns? Well, do you think they would have passed a law prohibiting it if nobody was doing it? Exactly! Here’s the law:

23-3-201. Fishing tackle; designation of waters for setline fishing; taking fish with firearm prohibited; snagging; penalties.

… (d) No person shall take, wound or destroy any fish of Wyoming with a firearm of any kind or nature.

Very sporting, right? And so much fun! Here’s the source.

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What in tarnation was going on in this Sacramento, California apartment? See if you can figure it out. From The Sacramento Bee:

Police attempted to serve a warrant on Fairfield Avenue. 
Officers said that they 
heard a woman talking inside the apartment, and they 
knocked, identified 
themselves as police officers and asked to speak to the 
woman. A man inside 
replied that she wasn’t there, but they could come back 
later. Officers again heard 
a woman inside and re-identified themselves, adding that 
if the occupants did 
not open the door, it would be forced open. After the 
residents again refused to 
open the door, it was forced open, and the woman was 
found talking to police 
and reporting that someone was trying to break into her 

Uh… Sorry, wrong number.

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Fond of jail? Crime addict? Whatever the reason, a Tampa, Florida man wasted no time getting back on the wrong side of the law. As reported by the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office:

On April 14, 2012 at approximately 4:22 p.m., Marcus Wayne Hunt was released from Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office jail after posting bond. Tampa Police Department had arrested Hunt earlier the same day on charges of Fleeing and Attempting to Elude Police and No Valid Driver’s License.

Wait for it (it won’t be long) …

Approximately sixteen minutes after his release from jail, Hunt approached a victim in the area of 78th Street and Gray Moss Lane. Hunt struck the victim in the face and took the victim’s bicycle, valued at $190.00.

Boom! 16 minutes!

Detectives were able to identify and issue a warrant for Hunt in connection with the April 14 incident. He was taken into custody on April 17 at approximately 11:29 a.m. at 8708 Fish Lake Road.

This is pretty shocking for a man with no criminal … wait … what’s that?

Hunt has an extensive criminal history and was released from prison December 2011.

Here’s the source, with a mug shot.

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If you like McDonald’s iced tea, stop reading now. Remember, The Juice warned you. As reported by wsoctv.com:

Greenville County deputies say a McDonald’s employee spit in the iced tea of two customers after they returned them saying the drinks weren’t sweet enough.

You were warned. What’s the evidence?

Investigators say surveillance video caught 19-year-old Marvin Washington Jr. leaning over the cups before he filled them at the Simpsonville restaurant on Saturday.

Authorities say the customers discovered the phlegm when they removed the lids of the drinks to put more sugar in because the second glasses also weren’t sweet enough.

Can you imagine watching that video in slow motion? Yikes.

The McDonald’s owner says he follows stringent food safety procedures and asked people not to reach conclusions until all the facts come out.

So, lax food safety procedures would allow spitting in drinks?

Washington was arrested Wednesday and charged with malicious tampering with food. He could face up to 20 years in prison if found guilty. It wasn’t clear if he had a lawyer.

Up to 20 years? That’s just idiotic. Here’s the source.

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The good news? No injuries. The bad news (for this young man, anyway – good for the rest of us)? This young man is in the soup. As reported by the Hunterdon County Democrat (New Jersey):

Police responded to a report of a suspicious vehicle on Route 523 in Readington. The vehicle was found to be in reverse, with the engine running, and when police nudged [Matthew] Kelly [19] to see if he was awake, the man’s foot slid off the brake pedal and the vehicle rolled backwards into a tree.

Yikes. Surely that must have awakened him?

Kelly was still asleep after striking the tree, police said.

Police did manage to awaken him, after which he was …

…charged with careless driving, driving while intoxicated and being under the influence of a controlled dangerous substance.

Here’s the source.

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