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Unless you’ve never seen a movie or tv show, you’re familiar with the cop who makes a mess of things and ends up getting busted down to traffic. So what happens if you are a traffic cop, and you mess up? This gent is almost certainly going to find out. As reported in The New Straits Times:

A traffic policeman was ordered to enter his defence by the magistrate’s court yesterday for ordering a woman motorist to strip at a roadblock.

Say what?

Corporal A.S. Affendi Ahmad Sairi, 41, was charged with ordering Ang Ya Ying, 28, to remove her blouse and with pulling her pants to cause her embarrassment and insulting her modesty in front of a petrol station in Cheras at 1.15am on May 4 last year.

Defence counsel Faizal Abd Rahman told the court that he would be calling three witnesses, including the accused…

Whatever the deal is, take the plea bargain!

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Seriously, if the guy is really a magician, how’d he get caught? Case dismissed! As reported by The Arab Times:

The Abdali police have arrested a 65-year-old Iraqi man for attempting to sneak into the country to practice black magic, reports Al-Shahed daily. 
The magician was spotted between unidentified farms and Abdali border post. Police spotted the man and seized from him magic tools. 
The suspect has been referred to the authorities.

Black magic? Please.

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The Juice isn’t sure how he missed this May 2009 story, but it’s none the worse for wear. Bradley Dean Milne, age 33, had a helluva ride. As reported by the Northern Territory News:

Darwin Magistrates Court heard that the couple were planning to drive to East Arm Wharf in the Mazda ute to have sex.

The key word there is “planning.” They didn’t quite make it …

Police prosecutor Leigh Cahill said Milne “became aroused” and the woman gave him oral sex while he was driving until they reached the traffic lights at the Berrimah Rd intersection.

Zoinks! But wait …

They turned right onto Berrimah Rd, and the woman straddled Milne while he kept driving, swerving into the kerbside and back into the middle lane.

Then, after a call from a witness, came the buzz kill, and a truly classic defense offered up by Mr Milne:

When police stopped the car and Milne was asked why he had been drinking – with a blood alcohol concentration of .097 per cent – he said: “Come on, mate. What would you do? We were going to the wharf but we didn’t quite get there.”

And check out this defense offered up by Mr. Milne’s lawyer:

Mr Rowbottam told the court that Milne had not been paying attention to his intoxication, and had been surprised at the reading. “He wasn’t concentrating on that – he was concentrating on his amorous situation,” he said.

Really? That’s what you offer as mitigation? The charges were:

… not wearing a seatbelt, driving without due care and drink-driving when a witness called police after seeing his car swerving all over the road.

The time? No time, just a $1,400 fine and a six-month license suspension.

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Yup. Straight from Judge in the case, as reported by The Palm Beach Post:

“This case presents the strangest facts and set of circumstances that I’ve witnessed in my 28 years as a lawyer,” Circuit Judge Jorge Labarga said as he sentenced Dean to life in prison.

So what happened?

… Marlow [the “victim”] found his apartment in the Villages neighborhood in West Palm Beach ransacked and saw Flint [the deceased] leaving on foot and Dean driving away.

Note – Christopher Dean, who was sentenced to life in jail for his co-burglar’s death – was driving away from the scene.

Marlow pursued Dean up through the neighborhood and eventually back down Interstate 95. There he encountered Flint, 25, who had jumped a fence and was waiting alongside the highway for Dean to pick him up.

Marlow initially told police that, as his SUV approached, Flint turned and appeared to point something at him. Marlow said he ducked in his seat as his Suburban ran off the road and struck the suspected burglar.

So co-burglar Flint is killed by the burgled guy, and burglar Dean gets life in jail. How does that happen?

Under state law, a person can be charged with felony murder if someone else dies while the person is committing a felony crime.

Yes, burglary is wrong, but not this wrong.

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After this experience, it’s hard to imagine any of these young men snorting anything again, EVER. Although they thought they were snorting drugs, turns out they were snorting dogs and a man. Yes, you read that correctly. As reported in The New York Post:

Waldo Soroa, 19; Matrix Andaluz, 18; Jose Marrero, 19; and two juveniles broke into a house in Florida, spotted white powder in two urns, decided it was coke or heroin, and promptly began snorting it, officials said.


… the “drugs” turned out to be the cremated remains of homeowner Holli Tencza’s dad and her two Great Danes.

The [young men] said they eventually realized their mistake, and had a brief attack of conscience.

“Brief” being the key word …

They talked about returning the ashes that were left, but then they decided their fingerprints would be pulled off the urns, so they dumped the evidence in a nearby lake.

Here’s the source. [HT to a regular reader (who wishes to remain anonymous – can you blame him?) for bringing this story to The Juice’s attention.]

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You might think that someone is not going to hit you in the face and get away with it. But you probably hadn’t envisioned anything like this. As reported by fox17online.com (Michigan):

Two men say assaulted a woman assaulted them with a fish last weekend.

Holy mackerel! [Yeah, yeah. You try doing this every day for 3+ years!]

It happened Saturday on Little Black Lake near the corner of Wood Road and Judson Road in Norton Shores. Police say they received a call from two men from Egelston Township in their early 20s.

The men said that a woman had asked them to turn around while she urinated on the ice. When they did, the woman, a 29-year-old from Fruitport, threw a fish, hitting one of them. She then allegedly came up and slapped the other man in the face with a fish.

Someone is clearly having a bad day. So what happened with the cops? Zippy.

The two men decided not to file charges, and the case has been closed.

And you called the cops because …? Here’s the source, with a video news report of the story.

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The Juice recalls hearing of a biblical passage about the actions of the father being visited on his son. Here’s a case of a son’s action resulting in a very unpleasant visit for his parents. As reported by The Spectator [Hamilton, Ontario]:

Hamilton police are searching for a group of men who chased another man into his home and beat up his parents.

The incident began around 2:45 a.m. Monday when a 21-year-old man, who was leaving a bar in Hess Village, refused to give an acquaintance a ride, said police spokesperson Catherine Martin.

When the man arrived home, the acquaintance and about eight other men were waiting, she said.

The victim alleges they chased him into the house and beat up his parents.

The man’s father was sent to hospital with minor injuries, Martin said.

So, obviously the dude found a ride, and quickly, since he and his gang beat the man home. And they beat up his parents? Not cool.

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Actually, it was an hour and three minutes… And if you assumed that the woman is a serial offender (other than the series in question), you’d be wrong. Per fox8.com:

… the [Police] Chief says the woman is not a habitual leadfoot. She has not had a traffic ticket in more than six years.

Said Sheffield Village Police Chief Larry Bliss: “This is the first time in my 22 years in law enforcement that I have seen anything like this.”

Bliss said the woman was ticketed by three different officers who had no idea they were stopping the same woman, over and over.

Her suspected speeding saga all started Saturday night at 11:40 p.m. Bliss said she was clocked at 55 miles per hour in a 35 mph zone.

“About ten minutes later another officer got the woman for doing 55 in a 35 on the same road,” Bliss said.

Less than an hour later she was pulled over for speeding again, this time. clocked at 51 mph in a 35 mph zone, Bliss said.

Just plain weird.

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Some things you can chalk up to just having a bad day. But this? Nope. Gotta check yourself way before your fist approaches the meter maid’s face. As reported by the Chicago Sun-Times:

A west suburban man has been charged for allegedly punching a female meter maid in the face after she wrote him a ticket Friday evening in the River North neighborhood.

Hasan Perryman, 37, of the 800 block of South 19th Street in Maywood, was charged with one count of felony aggravated battery of a government employee, police said.

Perryman is accused of striking a Traffic Management Authority employee in the face about 5 p.m. Jan. 14 at in the 110 block of West Grand Avenue, police said.

The woman was writing a ticket when the man approached and repeatedly struck her in the face, police said. He fled but was found by a responding police officer.

Repeatedly? Dude. What about the meter maid?

The TMA employee was taken to Northwestern Memorial Hospital, police News Affairs Officer Darryl Baety said.

Here’s wishing her well. (Hey, scofflaws, it’s nothing personal for the meter maids. It’s just business.)

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Most drunk people give themselves away. It’s only a questions of whether or not anyone takes note. Fortunately for this lady’s 3 kids, someone took note, and called the cops. What was the first indication that she overindulged? She was driving down the road at 10 mph with her right front tire out of air. Oh, and she was weaving. And just in case that’s not enough evidence, as reported by www.cleveland.com, here’s what the woman said when the cops pulled her over:

“I need to put gas in my tire.”

Case closed. (Not surprisingly, she failed field sobriety tests.) Here’s the source.