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Where Are My Breasts?


Although you usually get what you pay for, that does not apply in this case. As reported by radio station CJAD:

A 34-year-old St Constant woman has taken her doctor before the College of Physicians disciplinary committee for her more than $5 000 breast augmentation which only lasted four days.

They weren’t implants; Chantal Atkinson didn’t want those. Instead, Verdun doctor Denis Bisson suggested a fat injection.

All went well, but over just four days, Atkinson watched as her breasts disappeared; The fat was reabsorbed into her body.

The fat transfer technique is not officially recognized by the College of Physicians, and its members are not allowed to perform it.

Bisson is facing a similar complaint from another woman. 44-year-old Manon Valade says her breasts “melted away like ice.”

Snap! 5,000 clams, a procedure that couldn’t have been pleasant, and nothing to show for it, except some fat where she didn’t want it!