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Robber Left What Behind At The Crime Scene?


Our purse snatcher in Port St. Lucie, Florida, was a male cross-dresser, and apparently not a very good one. Why? He left his fake breast at the scene of the crime! And it was made with a condom filled with water, stuffed in a sock! The cops are dusting the condom for prints, and are doing DNA testing on 2 hairs they found on the sock. Here’s a description of our man, as reported by tcpalm.com:

The assailant wore a short jean skirt, tube top and white flip-flops, weighs 130 to 140 pounds and is of thin build. He sported shoulder-length hair with maroon hair attachments in a dreadlocks style.

(The Juice wanted to give props to the reader who submitted this, but the reader wished to remain anonymous.) Here’s the source, including a photo of the fake breast.