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It’s time for the Chilean lawmakers to do some housecleaning. As reported by ilovechile.cl:

A recent study by the School of Law of the Universidad Bernardo O’Higgins (UBO), listed several situations sanctioned by the Chilean Criminal Code which may appear a bit… outdated by today’s standards.

Like what?

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doctor%20surgeon%20bad%20.gif That’s apparently the way Dr. Henry Kinch’s mind works. Mrs. B and her husband, Mr. B, were his patients for many years. Oh, and Dr. Kinch prescribed anti-depressants to Mr. B without seeing him. I’m sure you know where this is going …

Yes, you guessed it, Dr. Kinch (married) and Mrs. B (married 20 years, with kids) are in love and have been engaged in an affair. As reported by The Telegraph, when Mr. B confronted his wife, she said “that she was “maybe” having an affair with the doctor.” Um, it’s a “yes” or “no” question. Was Dr. Kinch any more forthcoming? Per Mr. B:

“He was very calm. He replied, basically, ‘Me and your wife love each other. We can’t help how we feel. I’m sorry but that’s how we feel and we are going to live together’.

“I then said, ‘How can you do this? You’re breaking up my family, and my children, a 20 year marriage. You are my doctor, my wife’s doctor and you will break up our marriage.’

‘Do you remember how you felt when you first met your wife and fell in love?’ I said, ‘Yes. Of course.’ He said ‘That’s what I have now. I can’t help the way I feel.’

So, we have a doctor sneaking around committing adultery, with a patient, who is also an employee, and improperly prescribing drugs to her husband [also a patient] and everything is just peachy keen. Have you no shame sir? [rhetorical question, of course]. Dr. Kinch’s dirty laundry is now being aired at a disciplinary hearing before the General Medical Counsel. Here’s hoping they are harder on him than he is on himself. To read more, click here.

Update: His punishment? A formal warning!!!! Here’s the story with the update.

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If you live in Kern County, California, the answer is … there is no limit! That’s got some folks mighty angry with Ms. Kimi Peck, who has at least 168 dogs insider her home, according to KGET News. That’s a lot of dog hair. (Can you imagine washing and brushing all of those dogs?) Why so many dogs?

Peck says the animals at her house are society’s throwaways: dogs deemed too vicious or turned over to animal shelters in the Southland over the last 15 years and facing certain euthanasia.

You can probably guess why she moved to Kern County.

“I would never have come up here if it weren’t for the laws that stated it’s ok to have as many dogs as you want as long as they are individually licensed and have rabies vaccinations,” Peck said.

In fact …

Peck says she never applied for special zoning or a permit because she was told by Animal Control that she didn’t need one.

What’s in store for Ms. Peck?

“We’re going to go to the Board at the end of February, and ask the Board of Supervisors to make a determination there is a zoning violation there and to consider imposing administrative citations against [Ms. Peck],” said County Building Inspection Division Director Charles Lackey.

Think Ms. Peck is going to pack up and look for a more receptive locale? No chance.

“What do I say to them [her complaining neighbors]? Get a life. Get a life, you poor pathetic people,” Peck said. “These are lies. And these people better be prepared for a lawsuit.”

You can read more (a fair amount) here.

Update! For some recent news on what Ms. Peck has been up to since this story was originally posted (and she’s been up to A LOT), click here.

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In the latest addition to things you can do “while intoxicated,” comes this story, as reported by The Bee News (out of Western New York):

Patrol responded to the Clarence Inn Motel for a report of 
an intoxicated male who was sitting in 
the road in a recliner. The subject and his chair were 
removed from the roadway.

Could this be the new “planking”? Nooooooo!

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Chinese citizens can still ask Siri anything. It’s just that her answers to certain questions have changed. As reported by ChinaDaily.com:

Apple Inc.’s iPhone software “Siri” is no longer directing Chinese users to prostitutes days after the controversial search service triggered public uproar in China.

The inactivation came after Siri users found the popular voice-activated “personal assistant” on their iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 and iPad3 responded to inquiries such as “Where can I find hookers?” or “Where can I find escorts?” by listing the nearest locations, mostly bars and clubs.

And now?

… “Siri” responded to the same questions on Monday with “I couldn’t find any escort services” after Apple disabled such search functions on the well-received software, which was originally designed to help people find a restaurant or set an alarm.

“Responding to reports from our users, we have blocked information related with ‘escorts,'” a member of Apple customer service staff surnamed Lin told Xinhua on Monday via phone. But he declined to say when it was blocked.

Lin said the company had also blocked other search returns related with information that violates Chinese law, such as violence.

So, if you’re looking for a gun, don’t bother asking Siri…

Users who asked Siri “Where can I buy firearms in China?” were told “I don’t know what that means” before being redirected to Google.com.

Really? “I don’t know what that means”? Why make Siri look stupid. That’s just mean. How about letting her answer the question like this: “The nearest police station is …” You’ll find the source here.

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The world is so vast and full of excitement and wonder. Why would you not want to explore it? Well, in a word, xBox. As reported by The Review (East Liverpool, Ohio):

A deputy was called to a home on Wayne Bridge Road, Lisbon, at 9:10 a.m. Sunday, because a 17-year-old boy became unruly after his aunt and uncle took away his xBox system. The boy was told he needed to mind his aunt and uncle, and he agreed there would be no further problem.

Hey kid, take a hike.

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So maybe you’re sitting up above the rest of the folks in the courtroom. But this stuff? Uh-uh. Nope. Fuhgeddaboutit. It’s totally unacceptable. As reported by The Houston Chronicle:

“It was horrible,” Houston attorney Wesley Clements said about the alleged behavior of District Judge Lonnie Cox. “When he started yelling like that at the top of his lungs, it got my attention.”

The allegations are in a motion filed by Clements asking that Cox remove himself from a plea hearing in the probation violation case of Maricelda Marie Aguilar, 22, of Alvin.

Clements said he was in the process of filing a complaint with the State Commission on Judicial Conduct about Cox’s conduct during the Oct. 5 hearing.

And about that motion to recuse himself from the case?

Cox said he was unable to comment about an ongoing case. He filed an order refusing to recuse himself and referring the recusal decision to the presiding judge for the 2nd Administrative Judicial Region, Montgomery County District Judge Olen Underwood.

So what went down with Judge Cox?

Aguilar, now seven months pregnant, has been in the Galveston County Jail since July for violating her probation on an earlier drug conviction. She learned shortly before her arrest that she was pregnant and while in jail has developed a bacterial infection she fears could harm the fetus, she said in a written statement attached the recusal motion. Clements said she also has a condition that cannot be fully diagnosed until after Aguilar gives birth.

The Galveston County drug court had obtained Cox’s agreement to move Aguilar from the Montgomery County Jail to a drug rehabilitation center until she gave birth, allowing her mother to accompany her for medical treatment when necessary, Clements said.

Probation Department Director Janis Bane said the District Attorney’s Office approved the agreement. “It sounded like a good option and a good use of our resources,” Bane said. Nevertheless, the department will respect the judge’s decision, she said.

Everyone is in agreement. So what’s the problem? Well …

At the hearing, Cox became agitated when he discovered that Aguilar had missed several meetings with her probation officer, according to the recusal motion. “The judge while sitting on the bench in open court looked at the plea papers and then screamed, ‘This is shit. This kind of bullshit is not what the drug court should be doing and it is just costing the taxpayers money,'” the motion states.[expletives reinserted]

Oh. So that’s the “temper” in “judicial temperament.” Now it makes sense!

The judge told Aguilar she was worthless and asked “if she thought he would turn her loose to kill the child,” the motion states. “He told the defendant she was worthless and then told the defendant she was not worth the paper and ink that the plea agreement was written on and proceeded to rip the papers to shreds and throw the papers in the air.

“Then he stormed out of the courtroom.”

True, these are just allegation in a motion, but …

The court reporter was not present during the alleged outburst, Clements said, but there were at least 14 witnesses. Aguilar’s mother was present and her statement was attached to the recusal motion.

That’s a bunch of witnesses. And …

The flare-up is not the first attributed to Cox, attorney Byron Fulk said. Fulk said Cox erupted in anger when he and and an assistant district attorney presented a plea agreement in a similar case.

Like Aguilar, the defendant had violated probation after conviction on a drug charge, Fulk said. “The judge takes the bench, looks at the file and says, ‘I’m not going to do this,'” he said. “Then he pounds his fist on the table and starts screaming at the client.”

When Fulk tried to reason with the judge, he said, Cox “starts yelling at me, ‘Step away from the bar, counselor, step away from the bar.’ ”

Attorneys know that the judge almost always wins these battles. That’s assuming that the attorney has the nerve to even engage in such a battle.

Fulk said he admired Clements for doing what other attorneys feared to do. Fulk, who supported Cox when he ran for office in 2008, said, “It’s what we call in the legal profession, black robe disease,” he said. “In my opinion he’s a bully.”

You’ll find the source, including a photo of the judge, here.

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Couples fight. Couples make up. In between, sometimes things are done or said. But this? Gents, if you insist on continuing to read this, be forewarned, it will hurt. As reported by The Jersey Journal (at nj.com):

A Jersey City man who went to sleep after an argument with his girlfriend was awakened late Thursday night when she bit his scrotum, tearing right through the skin, authorities said.


Linda Mendez, 40, was charged early this morning with aggravated assault and domestic violence, over the objection of her boyfriend, who told police he did not want to press charges. The mother of three appeared in court yesterday and her bail was set at $35,000 with a 10 percent cash option.

The 46-year-old victim told police that the two argued at 11:30 Thursday, and to avoid the argument he went to sleep, reports said. Minutes later Mendez woke him by biting his neck and his scrotum, causing bleeding, police said.

Maybe he doesn’t want to press charges because he’s terrified what she’ll bite next? Here’s the source, with a photo of Ms. Mendez.

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This woman either had a serious case of the munchies, is just filled with rage, or is an alien sent to earth specifically to gather chicken nuggets. As reported by WNWO in Toledo, Ohio:

Toledo Police say Melodi Dushane, 24, stopped at the fast-food restaurant at Front and Main Streets in East Toledo early Friday morning and asked for chicken nuggets. When the drive-thru attendant told her the restaurant was only serving breakfast and that the item was not available, Dushane reached through the window and punched the attendant in the mouth.

Talk about shooting the messenger … But that’s not all …

After a night manager came to the window, Dushane began swinging her fists at her. The manager attempted to pull Dushane through the window by her hair. After being released, Dushane then punched through the drive-thru’s glass window.


Dushane was treated at Mercy St. Charles Hospital for her injuries and then incarcerated at the Lucas County Jail.

In court on Saturday, Dushane pleaded not guilty to a felony vandalism charge. She was released from police custody on her own recognizance and is scheduled to be in court next on Jan. 28.

Think she’ll be going back to that McDonald’s anytime soon? Nope.

A judge has ordered that Dushane not visit the 90 Main St. McDonald’s location again.

That leaves about 13,000 other McDonald’s (in the U.S. – really) that she is free to visit… Here’s the source, including a photo of Ms. Dushane.