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How Many Dogs Can You Have Until Your Home Is Considered A “Kennel?”


If you live in Kern County, California, the answer is … there is no limit! That’s got some folks mighty angry with Ms. Kimi Peck, who has at least 168 dogs insider her home, according to KGET News. That’s a lot of dog hair. (Can you imagine washing and brushing all of those dogs?) Why so many dogs?

Peck says the animals at her house are society’s throwaways: dogs deemed too vicious or turned over to animal shelters in the Southland over the last 15 years and facing certain euthanasia.

You can probably guess why she moved to Kern County.

“I would never have come up here if it weren’t for the laws that stated it’s ok to have as many dogs as you want as long as they are individually licensed and have rabies vaccinations,” Peck said.

In fact …

Peck says she never applied for special zoning or a permit because she was told by Animal Control that she didn’t need one.

What’s in store for Ms. Peck?

“We’re going to go to the Board at the end of February, and ask the Board of Supervisors to make a determination there is a zoning violation there and to consider imposing administrative citations against [Ms. Peck],” said County Building Inspection Division Director Charles Lackey.

Think Ms. Peck is going to pack up and look for a more receptive locale? No chance.

“What do I say to them [her complaining neighbors]? Get a life. Get a life, you poor pathetic people,” Peck said. “These are lies. And these people better be prepared for a lawsuit.”

You can read more (a fair amount) here.

Update! For some recent news on what Ms. Peck has been up to since this story was originally posted (and she’s been up to A LOT), click here.