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Maybe this won’t help Johns everywhere, but 9 Johns in Pennsylvania had a real good day. The “Johns” The Juice is referring to are the customers of prostitutes. What’s the cause for celebration? As reported by lehighvalleylive.com,

Riegelsville’s Craig Cardone and 8 others, accused of soliciting prostitutes, are getting their cars back. The should never have been seized in the first place. Easton’s childish and petty ordinance only added insult to injury.

You can read more (very little) here.

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You’ve had a bad banking experience. We all have. Call him crazy, but The Juice is guessing this is not how you dealt with it. As reported by wftv.com:

A customer at a bank in Palm Coast got a unpleasant surprise this morning at the bank’s drive-through.

This is truly a gross understatement.

A male customer of the RBC Bank apparently urinated in a bank tube Wednesday morning after he was told he couldn’t purchase a money order, sheriff’s deputies report. Later, another customer arrived and the urine spilled onto her and her car.

Sheriff’s deputies said the customer suspected of urinating in the tube pulled into the drive-through around 8:50 a.m. and asked if they sold money orders. When he was told no, he became upset and mumbled something about bad customer service, deputies said.

A bank employee told deputies that a short time later, another customer pulled into the same drive-through lane. The customer said that there was liquid in the tube and that it smelled like urine.

Don’t open that …

The customer then picked the tube up, and the liquid spilled onto her and her car. The bank employee took the tube and also determined it was urine.

… tube! Nasty. And didn’t the perp teach that bank a lesson? Brilliant. Any charges?

Deputies are working to identify the culprit, who could face a second-degree misdemeanor charge.

Here’s the source.

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It’s hard finding work in this economy. But the economy had nothing to do with this gent not getting a job with the sheriff’s department in Warren County, Mississippi. That would have been due to the outstanding warrant for his arrest! Per The Herald Tribune (Florida):

Authorities say Ronald Wade walked into a sheriff’s department in Mississippi to apply for a job as a jailer.

So, after the routine background check – whoa there buddy!

Warren County Sheriff Martin Pace said the 31-year-old Wade was wanted in Florida on a warrant for driving under the influence-manslaughter.

Pace said Wade had been involved in a wreck in Manatee County, but was never arrested on the charge. The initial background check revealed the warrant for his arrest. Deputies arrested Wade on Wednesday.

That’s one tough collar right there. Mr. Wade waived extradition and was sent back to Florida. Here’s the source.

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Funny that The Juice just blogged the other day about a sidewalk chalk arrest. This tops that by far because it actually went to trial! As reported by utsandiego.com:

The San Diego sidewalk chalk protester whose markings outside three Bank of America branches led to prosecution on 13 misdemeanor counts has been found not guilty on all charges.

The prosecution of Jeff Olson by City Attorney Jan Goldsmith’s office became a national sensation, and was the subject of a “Chalk-U-py” protest in San Diego over the weekend.

You can read more about the case by clicking here.

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Yes, what we as a society want is for people not to trust police officers. That’ll foster a great police/citizen relationship. This ruse used by police in Ohio will not only undermine the ordinary citizen’s trust in the police, it won’t do jack in the “war on drugs.” As reported by The Cleveland Plain Dealer at cleveland.com:

Police are not allowed to use checkpoints to search motorists and their vehicles for drugs. So, in Mayfield Heights, officers are trying the next-best thing — fake drug checkpoints.

Brilliant! And such a great use of police resources.

Police gathered in the express lanes of Interstate 271 on Monday after placing signs along the freeway warning motorists that a drug checkpoint lay ahead.

There was no checkpoint, only police waiting for motorists to react suspiciously after seeing the signs.

Hell, The Juice would rather see the cops set up a DUI checkpoint, even though they are unconstitutional, regardless of what the Supreme Court said. But I digress. So are these legal?

The fake checkpoints are legal, experts say. A 2000 U.S. Supreme Court ruling said actual checkpoints are not legal and that police can randomly stop cars for just two reasons: to prevent illegal aliens and contraband from entering the U.S. and to get drunk drivers off the road.

If you’re wondering how the operation went down:

On Monday, Mayfield Heights police placed a series of signs along the northbound I-271 express lanes that said: “Drug Checkpoint Ahead,” “Police K9 Dog In Use” and “Be Prepared to Stop.” Officers then watched how motorists reacted after seeing the signs.

Vitantonio said there were arrests and drugs seized. He said Thursday that four people were stopped and searched. Three of the motorists crossed through the grassy median or at emergency vehicle crossings, evasive actions that gave police reasonable suspicion to stop those cars.

You can read more about this, and about Mr. Peters’ encounter, by clicking here.

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It’s unlikely you’ll ever read another story like this. An inmate trying to stop guards from fighting? Actually, there’s a simple explanation: the dude liked the guards. As reported by The Buffalo News:

An inmate at the Erie County Correctional Facility lost a tooth last week when he intervened in a fight between two corrections officers scrapping over a bag of chips, prison personnel told The Buffalo News.

A bag of chips?!

[Undersheriff Mark] Wipperman said the disagreement began over “what appears to be the dissemination of food products.” A source familiar with the event said a bag of potato chips somehow sparked the fight. He asked to remain unidentified because he lacks permission to disclose information about the facility.

Wipperman said the inmate told internal investigators that he got involved because he likes both officers and didn’t want them to lose their jobs.

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You did not just bust that man for writing a message in sidewalk chalk did you? You did? Not cool at all. As reported by lancasteronline.com (PA):

Adanjesus Marin wanted to leave his mark on the debate over Medicaid expansion, but he had no idea it would get him arrested.

Armed with a few pieces of blue and pink sidewalk chalk, the Lancaster city resident joined a number of other activists Wednesday evening outside the governor’s mansion.

That’s where Marin wrote in chalk, “Corbett has healthcare, we should too.”

The message refers to Gov. Tom Corbett’s decision that Pennsylvania — for now — won’t take part in the expansion of Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act that kicks in next year.

Just moments after writing the comment, Marin was arrested at 10:22 p.m. by Harrisburg police and charged with disorderly conduct.

According to the citation: “The above did engage in an action that served no legitimate purpose in that he did write derogatory remark about the governor on the sidewalk.”

Setting aside the question of how a governor can refuse 100% federal funding of Medicaid expansion in his state (yes, it will go down to 90%) so that many thousands of needy folks won’t get health insurance under Obamacare, is this really a good use of police resources?

Troy Thompson, spokesman for the Department of General Services, which manages the Capitol Police, said Friday afternoon that the citation was issued as a means to collect restitution for clean-up costs.

“There was a considerable amount of chalk used throughout the Capitol complex, and it did take some of our resources to clean that up,” he said.

You sure about that?

However, Thompson said the department has “withdrawn the citation” since it cost less than $100 to remove the chalk.

Um. Er. Uh. You can read more, and see a photo of Mr. Marin’s message, here.

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Mr. Weusi McGowan was on trial in San Diego. It’s clear that he was dissatisfied with both his lawyer and the jury. How do we know this? Per 10news.com:

At the mid-morning break, McGowan produced a plastic baggie filled with fecal matter and spread it on [his attorney’s] hair and face, then flung the excrement toward the jury box, hitting the briefcase of juror No. 9 but missing the juror himself.

Ooooooh. What then? The jury was dismissed (whew) and the trial was postponed until another lawyer could be appointed. And in case you think this was the first time …

The prosecutor said the defendant had previously wiped human feces on himself and was examined by doctors to ensure he was mentally competent to stand trial.

What do you Mr. McGowan was alleged to have used in the case he was on trial for? Wrong! Not feces.

The prosecutor said the defendant hit a man with a rock in a sock as the victim came out of his home to investigate a commotion on Oct. 17, 2007. McGowan allegedly ransacked the man’s apartment then stole some of the victim’s belongings and took off in the victim’s car.

Here’s the source.

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Graduation from anything is a milestone to be celebrated (except elementary and middle school, unless of course you also like participation trophies). That celebration didn’t go down too well in this family. As reported by The Observer (Dunkirk, NY):

At about midnight [on Sunday], Marlena L. Hemenway reported harassment. She and [Timothy D. Dulmus [40] got into a argument over their son’s graduation money. Hemenway told Dulmus she hid the money since he was known to take money.

Certainly a reasonable precaution to take … unless you’re viewing it from the standpoint of the person who is “known to take money.”

Dulmus became angry and reportedly grabbed Hemenway by the neck. Their son saw this and tried to separate them. Dulmus reportedly punched his son in the nose, causing the nose to bleed.

Yikes. As for Mr. Dulmus:

[He] was charged with two counts of second-degree harassment by the Chautauqua County Sheriff’s Office … [and] remanded to the Chautauqua County Jail on $500 cash bail. He is to appear in the Village of Ripley Court at a later date.

Here’s the source.

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It’s really nice when siblings hang out together. After this stunt, they’re going to be doing something else together that’s not so nice. As reported by the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office (Florida):

Two sisters from Miami were both arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol Saturday night because after being stopped by deputies, they switched seats in the vehicle they were traveling in.

That there was some quick thinking. Why settle for one DUI when you can get two?

Deputy Juan Martin-Reyes followed the Volkswagen northbound from the 23 mile marker to the 30 mile marker of the highway just before 11 p.m. He observed the vehicle swerving, increasing and decreasing speeds and braking suddenly. He turned on his lights and siren and the car stopped suddenly in the lane of traffic. Through the back window he could see the driver and passenger quickly switch seats.

Deputy Spencer Curry arrived as back up. The deputies had both 18 year old Steffany Miranda and 24 year old Vanessa Miranda perform field sobriety exercises. Both girls had trouble performing the exercises and were, according to the deputies, visibly impaired and smelled of alcohol.

And if you’re wondering how the second sister could get a DUI since the car was stopped …

Because both girls were, at some point, in control of the vehicle behind the steering wheel with the keys in the ignition, they were both charged with driving under the influence of alcohol.

Here’s the source.