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How Many Convictions Do You Need To Be Considered A “Career Criminal”?


At some point you go from being a repeat offender to a career criminal. There’s no set number for that, but The Juice is comfortable saying that, after 42 convictions you become a career criminal. As reported by The Anchorage Daily News:

A suspected drunken driver with a long history of DUIs left a trail of wrecked vehicles and injury between Midtown and South Anchorage Wednesday evening, police reported on Thursday.

John Hamilton, 52, faces 13 new charges resulting from, as police tell it, a drunken rampage on wheels. He crashed into police vehicles, rear-ended a sedan and broadsided a Subaru, sending two passengers to the hospital, police say. An officer was hurt too. Hamilton had no insurance or driver’s license, police said.

His lengthy criminal record in Alaska is mainly misdemeanors but includes sexual assault and felony theft, according to the charging document filed Thursday. He has repeat convictions as a peeping Tom and for indecent exposure, five convictions for driving under the influence and three more for refusing to take a breath test, which counts the same as a DUI. His first conviction came in 1979 when he was 18 and underage in a bar, and one of his most recent stemmed from an incident last year when, according to court records, he peeped on girls in the family dressing room and a woman in the shower at Alaska Club South.

If you want the details on the rampage, and if you want to see a photo of Mr. Hamilton, click here.