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Judge Not Impressed By Peace Priest

Angry%20mad%20judge%20evil%20bad%20mean.gifReverend John Dear and 8 others “occupied the elevator of Sen. Pete Domenici’s Santa Fe office for more than five hours” in 2006, per the The Albuquerque Tribune. They were protesting the Iraq War. They remained in the elevator because they were denied access to the Senator’s third-floor office.

Keep in mind that Reverend Dear was recently nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize and the Gandhi Peace Prize. U.S. District Court Judge Don Svet was unimpressed. Said Dear to the court:

“This war is unjust, morally sinful and just downright impractical,” he said.

Dear added that he had contemplated the words of Mohandas Gandhi, who Dear said advocated to reject a court’s sanctions if the cause was just.

“I want to take my case to a higher court, to a higher judge —————- the God of peace,” Dear said before uttering a prayer.

What did the judge have to say?

… Svet would have none of it, calling Dear a “renegade priest,” “a coward” and “no Gandhi.”

“Mr. Dear, you frankly are a phony,” Svet said. “You preach nonviolence but you are the same man who took a hammer and a can of paint against a U.S. aircraft.”

Huh? Technically taking a hammer to a plane is “violence,” but really? The sentence? 40 hours of community service and $510 in fines and court costs. Here is Reverend Dear’s website.

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