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Your Big Legislative Initiative Involves Bird Feeders?


To be fair to Cuyahoga Falls City Councilman Jerry James, perhaps this is not his signature legislative initiative. Maybe he’ll tackle the saggy pants problem next. But about the proposed ordinance that will no doubt vault Cuyahoga Falls City to the top of the “best places to live” list, as reported by AkronNewsNow.com:

Cuyahoga Falls City Council will see legislation introduced tonight to control those bird feeders in back yards across the city.

Councilman Jerry James tells AkronNewsNow.com “There’s a lot of seed that comes out on to the bird feeders, and they spill on to the ground, and the seeds that aren’t eaten by the birds decay and then some birds will come and get them, and then they end up getting sick and dying.”

Before you panic, this epic legislation would not ban bird feeders. It would simply regulate them.

James says his proposed ordinance would deal with the maintenance of the bird feeders, making sure that the overflow does not lay down on the ground, decay, and cause a problem.

So it’s a jobs bill! They’ll need at least one bird feeder inspector, right?