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What, You Don’t Want To Watch TV With Me?


So maybe watching TV isn’t the most social activity. Nevertheless, it’s still more enjoyable to watch TV with someone else, right? Well, what if the “someone else” is a complete stranger, who walked in off the street? As reported by The Arab Times:

In a bizarre incident, an unidentified person took the liberty to enter the house of a Kuwaiti man and switch on the TV in the sitting room, reports Al-Rai daily.

According to reports this happened when the Kuwaiti with his wife was sitting in the first floor balcony of his apartment and he heard the TV sound coming from the sitting room below.

When he went down the stairs to check he found a stranger watching the TV. When the Kuwaiti approached him the intruder did not even make an attempt to escape rather he agreed to go to a police station.