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Venomous Viagra? Asian Elixir? Or Just Cheap Vodka With A Snake?


A fella in Palo Pinto County Texas, known as “Bayou Bob,” has been arrested for selling alcohol without a license. Not just any alcohol, mind you, but vodka with a rattlesnake in every bottle. It helps that Bob Popplewell is a rattlesnake rancher. When the police raided his ranch, they found 429 bottles of vodka with snakes in them. Bob’s defense? It’s an “ancient Asian elixir” that’s medicinal, so it’s not bootlegging.

How did he get busted? A complaint prompted an undercover buy. Who complained? Bayou Bob thinks it’s the “tree-huggers.” Why? Per the Star-Telegram:

Popplewell got crosswise with animal-rights groups last year when he shipped thousands of turtles to Asia, where turtle meat is considered a delicacy. He said the same “tree-hugging” activists are now pressuring the TABC to go after him.

Bayou Bob has vowed to fight all of the charges.

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