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The Strangest Way To Earn A Living

Kuo Rong-hui has done a lot of jail time. There’s only one problem – he’s not a criminal! So why would Kuo plead guilty, numerous times, to all these crimes? And then serve jail time for the crimes? In two words, money and hemophelia. See, Kuo would take the fall for payoffs from the real perps. Then, once in jail, he would reveal that he is a hemopheliac, and the authorities would release him! Seems the prisons didn’t want to pay the $1,800 in meds required to treat Kuo’s hemophelia.

donate_blood_lg_nwm.gifThe scheme unraveled when Kuo tried to take the hit for a co-defendant, and the Judge became suspicious. Interesting career path, huh? You can read more here.

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