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That’s Not A Letter Sticking Out Of The Mailbox


What else would you put in a mail slot on a door other than a letter? A penis, or course. Such was the case with Mr. Bryan Owens. And it wasn’t easy. As reported in The Sun:

Prosecutor Paul Caulfield said: “He had adapted the draft excluder to make a hole wide enough for him to stick his penis through so others could see it.

Owens was originally cautioned for the offence last September when a woman spotted him flashing his member on her way to work.

Despite the warning he was then collared doing the same thing a month later.

The defense? None. Mr. Owens pleaded guilty. Said the judge: “You have clearly got a problem which you need to overcome.” Indeed. The sentence was two years of supervision and five years on the sex offender registry. Here’s the source.