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Not The Kind Of “Calling Card” You Want To Leave At The Scene


If you’re going to break into a tavern and steal 4 1/2 cases of beer, it’s not a good idea to leave YOUR LIBRARY CARD ON THE FLOOR. Yes, these are allegations, but it sure doesn’t look good for 34-year-old Kristopher Lehnhardt of Sheboygan, Wisconsin. As reported in The Sheboygan Press, according to a criminal complaint:

A bartender at Cozy Bar, 116 E. Mill St., called police about 2:30 a.m. Feb. 22 after discovering lights on, a cooler open and a window screen cut in the basement.

She also found Lehnhardt’s Mead Public Library card on the floor by a door, where it appeared to have been used in an attempt to unlock the door.

Missing were four cases of Miller Lite and six cans of Pabst Blue Ribbon beer.

I think the real story is that someone actually stole PBR. Anyway, so just the library card? Anything else? Um. Yeah.

A friend of Lehnhardt’s told police Lehnhardt admitted taking the beer and putting it outside to pick it up later.

Thanks, “friend.” Mr. Lehnhardt “could face up to 18 months in jail, if convicted on misdemeanor counts of theft and property damage.”

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