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Some Weird Laws Still On The Books


In the law, as in many other areas, an occasional housecleaning is needed. According to the London Burough of Sutton, here are some outdated laws (from 1894 – 1935) that are still on the books (via The Guardian):

(1) No person shall play tipcat or any offensive or dangerous game in such a manner as to cause obstruction or danger (Tipcat is an early form of rounders played with a sharpened stick instead of a ball).

(2) The person having control of a steam-powered whirligig will bring it to a standstill if a person becomes ill.

(3) If two or more people willfully jostle or annoy any foot passengers, each such person shall be guilty of an offence.

(4) No person shall to the inconvenience or danger of passengers carry a bag of soot in the street.

(5) Domestic servants should register with the council.

(6) No person shall bathe in a river within 200 yards of public place without wearing a dress.

(7) Orange peel or other dangerous substances shall not be thrown in a public place.

(8) No person shall sing in any public place within 100 yards of any place of public worship.

(9) No person shall convey along any street the undressed carcass of any animal or any offensive offal.

(10) Spitting on the wall of a public carriage is prohibited.

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