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Ricin Doctor Wants Medical License Back

poison_sign.jpgSo 12 years ago, a woman saw a man acting suspiciously in the Vanderbuilt Hospital parking lot. Said Kristi Wilson, “He looked like he had a wig. It was just really bizarre.” The man was Dr. Ray Mettetal. As reported by NewsChannel5.com,

he was wearing a wig and a fake beard, and he had fake ID, a giant syringe, and was stalking another doctor, his former boss at Vanderbilt. Later, investigators discovered he had a stockpile of the deadly poison, ricin.

Dr. Mettetal was convicted of having ricin and fake IDs, and served 7 years in prison. His medical license was suspended. He was released from prison when an appeals court determined that the search warrant used by the police was no good. So now Dr. Mettetal wants his license back. What do you think the Tennessee Board of Medical Examiners decided?

He got it! And the vote was unanimous!