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Psycho Shoe Fetishist; Does He Prefer Women’s Shoes Over Women?

Now I like women’s shoes, but … Hell, I don’t even like men’s shoes. For me, shoes are purely functional. Not so with 26 year-old mechanical engineer Omar Adb-el-Gowd, who told police that he has been obsessed with ladies shoes since he was 12, and that he has taken shoes “for sexual purposes” for years.

For Mr. Adb-el-Gowd, moving to the big city (London) was a HUGE mistake. He was blown away by the incredibly fine footwear. He stole shoes from women in London for over a year before that fateful day when, while stealing a shoe, he allegedly “sexually caressed” the calf and ankle of his victim. For that, he is on trial for sexual assault. Said the prosecutor:

He found that fashionable — to him — and sexually attractive shoes were to be found in greater abundance in the capital. He told police this was the trigger for him to go beyond simply taking shoes.

So, does Mr. Adb-el-Gowd prefer women’s shoes over women? Per prosecutor Fitzgerald:

He said, although he was sexually attracted to women and had had a sexual relationship with a girlfriend as recently as November 2005, his past relationships with women had been somewhat complicated by the fact that he would find a particular girlfriend’s shoes more sexually attractive than the girl herself.

Note to prosecutor: Having sex 1 1/2 years ago is not “recent.” For more details, click here.

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