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More On Those Crazy Swedes And Their Strict Naming Laws

Regular Juice readers may remember the Swedish transvestite who wanted to change his name to “Pia” but was not allowed to. Well, seems Mr. and Mrs. Tomaro want to name their daughter “Metallica.” Her mom says that the name “suits her” because “she’s decisive and knows what she wants.”

Unfortunately, the Swedish Tax Board is also decisive, and knows what it wants. Apparently the name is too close to the word “metal,” so the Tax Board refused to register it. The Tomaro’s appealed the decision and won. Now the Tax Board has decided to appeal, and 6 month-old Metallica Tomaro still does not have an official registered name. “So what,” you might ask? Well, without a registered name, Metallica can’t get a passport. So, the Tomaros have had to cancel several trips until this is all sorted out!

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