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You Would NOT Want This Man As Your Doctor

And how is it that trial lawyers get so much bad press?

Psychiatrist Juan Ernest Tejeda Rosario was charged with sexual abuse, sexual impropriety, and “disgraceful, dishonourable and unprofessional conduct. The allegation made by two patients (of 15 and 16 years) include:

Tying a rope around the patient’s genitals and leading him around the office;

Penetrating the patient with objects, including a riding whip and a toilet brush;

Piercing the patient’s penis and genitals with a needle;

Engaging in intercourse with a patient while the man put his head in the toilet;

Having the patients perform oral sex on him and masturbate him;

Having the patients masturbate in front of him;

Paying $3,000 to one of the patient’s girlfriend (who was also his patient!) to keep her quiet.

So what do you think happened at the disciplinary proceeding, scheduled to last 16 days?

Dr. Tejada gave up his license before the hearing, and agreed “not to apply or reapply for registration as a physician or for a license to practice medicine in Ontario or any other jurisdiction.”

But that is not the end of the matter for the good doctor. He has been charged with six criminal counts of sexual assault based on the allegations from his disciplinary proceeding.

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