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Probation For This Kind Of Abuse?


This is just outrageous. As reported by the Northwest Arkansas Times:

Fayetteville police responded to the Washington Regional Medical Center on May 24 to investigate suspected child abuse. According to the police report, the victim [a 4-year-old girl] had a 4-inch skull fracture with a pool of blood between her skin and skull [the evidence was unclear regarding how the child’s skull was injured.]

The child appeared unkempt and unwashed. Investigators noted bruises and scars all over the child’s body, scabs on the tips of the her fingers, and visible belt strap and belt buckle marks to her lower back and legs, the report stated.

Evidence in the case indicated fault relating to bruising of the ribs…

Interviews with neighbors, teachers, family, friends and other children raised concerns about a long-term and ongoing pattern of abuse, according to the [police] report.

All that abuse, and the girl’s parents got probation! Oh, and they have to go to parenting classes…

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