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Darjeeling Express – Kidnapper Flees India


Actually, it would be “bugnapper.” As reported in The South Asian Post:

SILIGURI, India – A Czech national who was sentenced to three years imprisonment by a court for collecting rare insects from a national park in Darjeeling has fled India after jumping bail. Entomologist Emil Kuchera left India by crossing the country’s border with Nepal on Oct 21, the police said. Kuchera left behind his passport that was in the custody of Darjeeling Chief Judicial Magistrate. Kuchera had been arrested under the Wildlife Protection Act on June 22 near Singalila National Park, for collecting rare insects like beetles, butterflies and moths without permission.

I love bugs (fried cicadas, anyone?), but 3 years?! That’s a little harsh. (Please, PETA members, no more emails!) (Unlike this guy, I would never mistreat a living creature.)

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