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The Good News: Packing For The Move Won’t Take Long. The Bad News …


Nobody likes packing for a move. A Florida family, though, would be thrilled to pack. The problem is, there’s virtually nothing to pack. Why? As reported by nbc-2.com:

Denisse Velez was out of town looking for a new place to live when burglars pulled a truck up to her house and stole nearly everything from her home …

What does “nearly everything” include?

…the family’s electronics, furniture, tools, kitchen appliances [including the a/c unit and air-handler], washer and dryer, all the children’s clothing and toys – even their bicycles.

Children’s toys and clothes? How do you do that? Here’s the sadly ironic reason nobody was home during the burglary:

Two weeks ago, the mother of 7 decided she didn’t want to live in her neighborhood anymore because of all the crime in the area. She went to Tampa looking for a new place to live.

Here’s the source, including a news video about the incident.