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Police Chief Makes A Bad Call


At an “Arrive Alive” road safety briefing, before an audience, in an apparent attempt to really drive the point home, Chief Constable Richard Brunstrom included two pictures he really shouldn’t have: one of a headless body, the other of the head. The family of the victim (a 40-year-old father of three) was horrified, and filed a complaint. So what do you think the Police Complaints Commission concluded? The report was 84 pages! They concluded that no rules were broken. To his credit, the Chief said:

I bitterly regret the distress my actions have caused.

I think I was stupid – a single bad decision, taken in haste, with wholly unintended consequences.

It was an error of judgment and one I will not repeat.

But, to his discredit [?], the Chief also said:

I placed too much trust in the behaviour and integrity of journalists.

So much for fully accepting responsibility. You can read more (a little) here.

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