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The License Plate Police Are At It Again

What’s the latest vanity plate to be retroactively deemed offensive? Hailing from the great state of New York, the newly banned plate is “GETOSAMA.” The plate was issued to retired NYPD sergeant Arno Herwerth, and he is pissed! Said Mr. Herwerth:

This is unbelievable… It’s unpatriotic and absolutely disgusts me that anyone would consider that in any way offensive other than if you’re a member of al Qaeda… You look back at Pearl Harbor and WWII and you wonder, would they be offended by, ‘Get Hitler’?

Hitler and Pearl Harbor? That must make anyone of a certain age think of this truly classic clip from “Animal House” during which Bluto asks “Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?”
You can read more (a fair amount) about the plates and Mr. Herwerth here.

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