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Worker Uses Version Of “The Dog Ate My Homework”

golfer.gif Irish dockworker Denis McKenna must really love his sister. He was always making the ultimate sacrifice of missing work to take her to the doctor. Only one problem – he was seen wearing a “golf jumper” when he was supposed to be taking his sister to the doctor. So a private investigator was hired. A few months later, McKenna told his supervisor he had to take his sister to the doctor. The next morning, another boss was waiting outside McKenna’s home when he saw him … put his golf clubs in the trunk and take off.

This fellow followed McKenna to the club, approached him on the second tee, and told hm to enjoy his game. Now, having been caught, McKenna must have gone back to work, right? Nope. His car was still in the club’s parking lot at 3:00! So the next day, he was fired. (This wasn’t the first time McKenna missed work to “look after his sister,” and his boss and co-workers were tired of it.)

So McKenna was canned the next day. And he fought it. And he … won! Why? Because he said his sister had indeed been set to go to the doctor’s, but changed her mind! [Okay, so he couldn’t have gone to work in the morning, once his sister “changed her mind?”] And the tribunal said the company failed to provide McKenna with an appeal against his dismissal. For his troubles, McKenna was awarded €1,000 ($2,100 US)!

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