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Why would prisoners be forced to play computer games? In a word: cashish. (Money). As reported by The Guardian:

As a prisoner at the Jixi labour camp, Liu Dali would slog through tough days breaking rocks and digging trenches in the open cast coalmines of north-east China. By night, he would slay demons, battle goblins and cast spells.

Liu says he was one of scores of prisoners forced to play online games to build up credits that prison guards would then trade for real money. The 54-year-old, a former prison guard who was jailed for three years in 2004 for “illegally petitioning” the central government about corruption in his hometown [wow – you get paid for that in the States], reckons the operation was even more lucrative than the physical labour that prisoners were also forced to do.

“Prison bosses made more money forcing inmates to play games than they do forcing people to do manual labour,” Liu told the Guardian. “There were 300 prisoners forced to play games. We worked 12-hour shifts in the camp. I heard them say they could earn 5,000-6,000rmb [£470-570] a day. We didn’t see any of the money. The computers were never turned off.”

Maybe the work was virtual, but the punishment related to it was very real.

“If I couldn’t complete my work quota, they would punish me physically. They would make me stand with my hands raised in the air and after I returned to my dormitory they would beat me with plastic pipes. We kept playing until we could barely see things,” he said.

You can read more (a fair amount) here.

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You have to give the lady credit. It was an interesting approach to getting your bond reduced. But did it work? As reported by The Florida Sun Sentinel:

Felicia Underwood faced a $76,000 bond when she made her first court appearance before Judge John “Jay” Hurley Monday during a particularly interesting docket of cases.

Underwood, 38, was charged by Fort Lauderdale Police with distributing/delivering cannabis and trafficking in more than 10 and less than 200 grams of MDMA, a drug that is also called phenethylamines in a state statute.

Underwood told the judge she did not know what phenethylamines are. She also told Hurley she has two jobs and asked for a reduction in the bond amount, for which she would be responsible for 10 percent.

Of course that’s not the novel request. How did the judge respond to this first request?

Hurley ordered a reduced bond of $10,000, but Underwood, who told the judge she had no money and that her mother was not working right now, was hoping she’d get to pay even less to get of jail before her trial.

Wow, from $76,000 down to $10,000? She asked for a reduction, and got a huge one. So what was her next move?

“You can’t make it a little lower, hon?” Underwood seems to say on the Sun Sentinel live stream video.

Say what? You did not just call the judge “hon.”

[Judge] Hurley appears shocked for a moment.

“Did she just refer to the court as ‘honey’?” Hurley asked, while the voice of a woman in the courtroom who was off camera can also be heard asking, “Did she just say honey?”

Yup. So now what?

Said Hurley, “Oh well, hon or honey, it’s all part of the same…Ma’am, I’m going to leave your bond where it is today, alright?”

You’ll find the source, and a video, here.

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So maybe wearing this particular shirt to court was not the best decision Jennifer LaPenta, 19, of Round Lake Park, Illinois ever made. But did it warrant two days in jail? As reported by the Lake County News-Sun:

Associate Judge Helen Rozenburg charged LaPenta with contempt of court for wearing the garment in her courtroom Monday. LaPenta was sitting in the gallery waiting for a friend’s case to be called when the judge called her forward.

What did the shirt say?

“I own the [pussy], so I make the rules.”

So what happened?

Rozenburg asked LaPenta if she thought her shirt was appropriate.

LaPenta said she told the judge that it would have been inapprorpriate had she been the defendant.

Rozenburg immediately sentenced her to 48 hours in jail and had her cuffed, LaPenta said.

Why wear that shirt?

LaPenta said that she had been at a gym Monday when her friend asked her for a ride to the courthouse. She was wearing sweat pants and that T-shirt when she was cuffed and jailed.

LaPenta said she bought the shirt in the gay section of Spencer’s. She said she is openly homosexual and said the judge was a “homophobe” for putting her in custody for wearing the shirt.

“I’m shocked that the judge took the actions she did. She could have asked her to remove her shirt or leave the courtroom,” said Peter Kalagis, LaPenta’s attorney. “To me, that was an extreme action.”

LaPenta said the judge did not give her an opportunity to turn her shirt inside out or exit the courtroom.

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As long as drunk people are not driving or hurting anyone, why not cut them some slack? This drunk gent was not the beneficiary of any such slack. What did he do? As reported at tcpalm.com:

It could be argued that a majority of Fort Pierce residents sleep on beds. Pedro Garcia, however, broke with convention, choosing to slumber on (not in, but on) a local man’s car, according to a recently released arrest affidavit.

You read that correctly – “on” a car, and “arrest.”

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So the United States already incarcerates a LOT of people. Imagine, if you will, that getting drunk in your own home, and having a party, were against the law. As reported by Al-Watan Arabic Daily (via The Arab Times):

Party holder held: Based on a tip-off, police rushed to an apartment in Hawalli and arrested an individual for consuming alcohol and holding fun party inside his apartment.

A police source said the drunkard had invited several friends to celebrate his birthday and got angry when he saw an invitee kissing and hugging his girlfriend. The drunkard became enraged and started shouting, as he ran after his girlfriend and the guest. Neighbors, who were being disturbed, called police and the drunkard was arrested, high on alcohol.

That’s right, we tried that once…

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While there is never a good time to be involved in a car accident, as will be made abundantly clear, some times are definitely worse than others. As reported at nj.com:

A 2002 white Mercury Mountaineer rolled over into the center grass median and struck the guardrail on July 29, with police and emergency workers responding around 12:56 p.m. Driver Paulette Murray, 48, of Brooklyn, N.Y., told police she failed to control the SUV after another car cut her off, authorities said.

Yikes, a roll over.

Items that had been inside the car before the accident were scattered at the scene, and the package of marijuana, police said, was lying where EMS and troopers were walking around.

Marijuana? How much marijuana?

At the scene, troopers said they observed [passenger] Douglas-Dawkins attempting to cover a damaged cardboard box with a blanket. The box contained a large package of marijuana with fabric softener inside to mask the smell, State Police said.

A large package you say. How large? 57 pounds large! Like The Juice said, not the best time to have an accident. You can read more, and see photos of the SUV and the scene here.

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Clearly this guy does not live by the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them to unto you. There’s no way he would want anyone to treat him the way he treated this poor old man. As reported by The Gainesville Sun:

The maintenance man at a Gainesville apartment complex has been arrested after police allege he found a tenant either dead or dying and, before calling 911, used the man’s ATM card to withdraw more than $600.

So the man may have died while this dude was out using his ATM card. It doesn’t get a whole lot colder than that.

Police did not learn of the theft until three weeks after the man’s death on July 1, when the tenant’s brother called to say that on the day of his brother’s death, ATM charges were posted against his Bank of America account minutes before paramedics arrived.

Clarence Davis, 52, of 106 NE Rally Ave. in Micanopy, called authorities on July 1 to report a death at the University Commons apartment complex on Southwest Archer Road, the Gainesville Police Department reported. Shortly after police arrived, emergency medical personnel pronounced J.W. White dead of an undisclosed medical condition, police said.

And just in case you’re not convinced by this damning circumstantial evidence …

Video footage from the ATM showed Davis conducting a balance inquiry and making two withdrawals from the victim’s account for a total of $611.90 including transaction fees, police reported.

Yes, cold and clueless.

Only after returning from the ATM did Davis call 911 to report White as possibly dead and request medical assistance, police said.

Yup. That was one well thought out and well executed plan. As for Mr. Davis’s defense …

During an interview with police investigators Monday, Davis said he had permission to remove the money from White’s account to pay his rent and other bills, police reported. Davis then admitted to keeping the victim’s money rather than using it to pay rent, saying he used the money to restore the apartment so it could be re-rented, officers said.

Good luck with that one. You can read more, and see the mug shot, here.

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After getting sentenced to 10 years for robbery, like Mr. Taylor, I’m sure you wouldn’t be in the best mood either. Still, you better be prepared to pay the price if you lay into the judge, as Mr. Taylor did. Here are excerpts from the decision by the Superior Court of New Jersey, Appellate Division:

Defendant appeals from his conviction for second-degree robbery … his sentence on that charge, and the imposition of two consecutive six-month sentences for contempt …

Did someone say “contempt”?

When the court asked defendant if he understood his appeal rights, defendant responded by stating, “Yeah, I understand that you all railroaded the shit out of me. That’s what I understand.”


Although his attorney attempted to calm him down and the court attempted to resume asking him if he understood his right to appeal, defendant persisted in confrontational behavior, stating, “you’re all — so full of shit.” The court warned defendant that he would impose an additional six months for contempt of court. Defendant was defiant, stating, “Add six. What the fuck I care now.”

This reminds The Juice of a truly classic, early Juice post …

The court warned defendant again about imposing six months for contempt. Defendant replied, and repeated, “Fuck contempt of court.” Both his attorney and a court officer attempted to calm defendant down. The court said, “I’m going to give you one opportunity —” but defendant interrupted, “Give me — give me — don’t give me shit, mother fucker. Do what the fuck you’ve been doing to every black mother fucker that come in this courtroom.”

Defendant continued to interrupt the court, repeating, “Fuck you” three times, calling the judge a “crazy ass mother fucker,” telling him, “Eat shit and bark at the moon, sorry son of a bitch.” When the judge said he was going to place on the record his reasons for imposing an additional six month sentence, defendant interrupted again, stating “[i]s that all you’re going to put on it, the six months?” He continued to interrupt and taunt the court, saying, “Keep adding six months then” and “well shut the fuck up and do . . . what you’re going to do.”


The court proceeded to set forth the acts it deemed contumacious as the basis for imposing an additional sentence of six months. Defendant continued to interrupt. The court noted further that this exchange occurred in a courtroom filled with fifty people.

After the court ordered defendant to be remanded, defendant replied, “Fuck you, bitch” and then stated “Suck my ass, you cracker bitch.” The court had him returned to counsel table and imposed an additional six months for contempt, to be served consecutive to the prior sentences. After remanding defendant once again, the court noted that defendant “held up his left hand with the middle finger extended in a gesture[.]”

So how do you think the appellate court ruled? Affirmed. The case is STATE v. TAYLOR, No. A-3326-09T2, Superior Court of New Jersey, Appellate Division. (August 24, 2011). You can read the opinion on Leagle here.

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Sadly, lots of shoplifters use their kids during the perpetration of their crimes. But this lady, she’s in a whole ‘nother category. Per The Belleville News Democrat (Illinois):

Mykala M. Bator was charged by St. Clair County prosecutors Saturday with felony retail theft over $300, felony possession of a controlled substance and a misdemeanor charge of endangering a child. She is accused of shoplifting from Kohl’s around 4:55 p.m.

And if you’re wondering how she endangered the child …

According to the police report, a loss-prevention officer at Kohl’s confronted Bator outside the store on suspicion of shoplifting merchandise. She had a 1-year-old infant with her during the incident and when confronted, she ran to a waiting vehicle, tossed the child into the back seat of the car through an open window, and fled the scene as a passenger in the car.

Yes, the lady threw her one-year-old child through an open window. The kid could have suffered a brain injury. The Juice is angry.

Luckily … The child was not injured, according to Fairview Heights Police Lt. Steve Evans.

Whew. You’ll find the source here and a mug shot here.

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Police officers occasionally exercise bad judgment, just like everyone else. But this? Whoa. As reported by clickOrlando.com (WKMG – Local 6):

A Daytona Beach Police Sergeant has resigned after admitting to posting nude pictures of herself online while on-duty.

Lots and lots of nude pictures.

Sgt. Penny Dane has been in law enforcement for approximately 18 years and has been a sergeant with Daytona Beach police for the past four years.

According to an internal affairs investigation, Sgt. Dane admitted she accessed and sent sexually explicit pictures as part of an online game called “Red Light Center.” The game is likened to a virtual sex club and resembles Amsterdam’s Red Light district.

You can read a lot more, and see a video news story about this, here.