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Oh, Like You’ve Never Eaten Cigarettes Before… In A Store?


If you’re hungry and thirsty, heading to a food market is definitely the right move. This gent did just that. But when he got there, ay ay ay. As reported by madison.com:

The Madison Police Department stated in a news release that officers were called to the store shortly before 11 p.m. Friday for a disturbance involving a man without a shirt.

A shirtless man in December, in Wisconsin?

“Employees pointed out the suspect, who was in the restricted tobacco area,” said police spokesman Howard Payne.

Prior to that, police said, he allegedly poured Sun Drop soda all over himself while in the soft drink aisles. When in the tobacco area, he allegedly opened packs of cigarettes, eating some and throwing some at customers and employees.

Must have filled up on the cigarettes he ate …

“Officers tried to get him out of the tobacco area, but he wouldn’t cooperate until he was threatened with a Taser,” Payne said.

What could possibly have led this 22-year-old man to do this? Well …

“He did state that marijuana laced with something may have played some role in his rather bizarre behavior,” Payne said.

Enough said.