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Now This Is A Frivolous Lawsuit

Lindsay Smith, a senior banker in the UK, was accused of cheating during a golf match, and was suspended from the Nairn Golf Club for a year. Of course, a decision of such tremendous importance was not made lightly. Evidence was presented to the appropriate committee at The Club. Declining to appear in person, Mr. Smith instead presented his side – that is, HIS LAWYER DID, in writing.


In an attempt to clear his name, which instead smeared it around the world, Mr. Smith took his suspension to court, claiming that it breached “the rules of natural justice.” Cruel, cruel world. The court ruled that proper procedures were followed. Case closed. Oh, and Mr. Smith has been accused of cheating in a similar fashion twice before (no, not the hand wedge, but after marking his ball on the green, placing it closer to the hole than it had been). He came this close from losing his job, too. That would have given him plenty of time to practice his putting. You’ll find the rest of the story here.

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