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Not The Nicest Boyfriend

Deborah Rouvalis told the police that her boyfriend, Steven Pagels, got mad at her for leaving pizza crumbs on their motel room bed. (Apparently he would kick her out of bed for eating crackers. Sorry!) Then things got ugly. thumbsm.jpgPagels jammed his thumb down her throat [Who would think of that? I’m having trouble visualizing it.] He then dragged her down the hall, and tried to throw her from the motel balcony.

At his assault and battery trial, though, Deborah denied the whole thing. Unfortunately for Pagels, they record those phone conversations during jailhouse visits. Yup, and two of them caught Pagels ripping Deborah, and threatening her. So a charge of intimidating a witness was tacked on. The verdict? Guilty of the assault and battery, and the intimidation. Pagels is in jail now, and I’m sure he’s much more careful when he talks to his visitors. You can read more here.

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