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Power Company Employee Sends Customer A Photo Of Himself In A Bathtub

Maybe Wayne Simpson should have just called the customer who he said gave him her cell phone number. Said Wayne:

I honestly thought she fancied me. I certainly fancied her. She was gorgeous. She pulled up a chair very close to me and sat there staring into my eyes and fluttering her lashes.

Wayne then took a picture of himself in his bathtub, holding a glass of bourbon, surrounded by bubbles. He sent it to the customer’s phone, with the message “Hi, do you fancy going out for a drink sometime?”
Apparently not. She called the cops, who did not charge Wayne. Then she called his job, and they canned him. Unfortunately for Wayne, he can’t file an unemployment claim because he was with the company less than a year. He is going to sue them, though, for his lost earnings. If you want to read more, click here.

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