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Man Had Sex With A What?


I would imagine it does not get more embarrassing than this. As reported by lite-news.com:

A pensioner was caught engaged in a sex act with a horse when the animal’s owner drove past and could not believe what he was seeing.

Retired farm worker David Chamberlin was watched as he led the horse towards bushes at the side of a field in Billingham, near Stockton.

The owner pulled over his car and approached, and saw the animal’s head being pulled down towards the 71-year-old’s groin, a court was told.

Shocked and disgusted, he smacked Chamberlin with a stick, which caused the horse to run off, dragging the grey-haired pervert across the field with it.

Noel Brockbank, prosecuting, told Teesside Magistrates’ Court yesterday that the man saw Chamberlin’s flies were undone, and called the police.

After being arrested, and confessing, it emerged that Chamberlin has a lengthy history of sexual deviance going back four decades.

Egad. To read the rest of the story (a fair amount) click here.

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