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Lick My Toes And Film It With A Phone!


Gino Lee Breeze, a 20-year-old man from Wales, has a wee bit of a thin skin. Thing is, the gents he thought were joking about him, weren’t. No matter, though. The wheels were set in motion as Mr. Breeze went to the home of one of the men he thought had a laugh at his expense. Then things got ugly. Per the North Wales Daily Post:

Breeze went to the [victim’s] house and pushed his way in. He assaulted the man and then ordered him to lick his feet. “He filmed the incident on his mobile phone,” [prosecutor] Evans said.

Humiliating, gross and weird.

Later that day Breeze returned to the man’s house and subjected him to a second ordeal. Mr Evans said Breeze got a knife and a fork from the kitchen. “While holding the knife to the man’s ear and the fork near his eyes he ordered him to sing Baa Baa Black Sheep.”

The defense?

“He accepts his behaviour was despicable,” said Mr Edwards [for the defense].

I guess it’s tough to deny it when you’ve recorded the crime on your phone. The time? 3 years. Here’s the source.

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