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Go Play In Traffic?

go play in traffic

Mother of the day! So maybe she didn’t tell her kid to go play in traffic. What this Texas mom did do, though, was arguably worse. As reported by khou.com

Police in League City arrested a woman Monday night accused of making her 10-year-old son walk along the Gulf Freeway frontage road as a form of punishment.

According to the police department, officers received a report of a child walking on the shoulder of the 2100 block of the Gulf Freeway around 8:30 p.m.

During the investigation, police said it was discovered the boy had been forced out of a vehicle by his mom and told to walk home.

Yes that was on a “freeway,” at night! So what happened to her?

Angela Graciela Garcia, 34, was later arrested and charged with abandoning/endangering a child. Her bond was set at $7,500.

Here’s the source, including Ms. Garcia’s mug shot.