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Officer, I Swear It’s Just Soap!


Don Bolles, drummer for the legendary punk rock band The Germs, was on his way to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting when he was pulled over by Newport Beach, California’s finest. For whatever reason (they hate punk?), they decide to search his car. I’m sure Bolles now wishes he hadn’t consented. He probably thought he had nothing to hide. Ah, but he forget about ……. the soap! Yes, soap. For some odd reason, the police field-tested Bolles’ bottle of Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap. Using the handy-dandy Narcopouch 928, the police determined that Bolles had GHB (gamma hydroxyl butyrate – the “date rape” drug) in his soap!

Never doubting for a second that the results could be erroneous, the Newport Beach police charged Bolles with a felony and took him to jail, where he spent the next 3 1/2 days. The soaps maker came to his defense. Ten days after being bailed out, a confirmation test done by the police crime lab came back negative, and the charges were dropped.

But that’s not the end of it. The soap’s manufacturer has been using the Narcopouch 928 GHB test kit to test a variety of products. So far, products from the following companies have produced false-positives: Neutrogena, Tom’s of Maine, Johnson & Johnson, Palmolive! Concerned about all of these false positives, Dr. Bronner’s is calling for police departments across the United States to stop using the Narcopouch 928.

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