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Eviction Over A Candy Wrapper?


As reported in The South Florida Times:

Adrienne Frasier, a single mother of three children, has filed a housing discrimination complaint after being evicted from the Villas D’Este development in Delray Beach. The family had rented a luxury apartment there for more than three and a half years before being evicted after one of Frasier’s sons allegedly threw candy wrappers onto the ground.

The development’s managers did not respond to calls seeking comments, but court documents confirm that the discarded candy wrappers prompted the eviction.

“On April 20, 2008, around 6:00 p.m. a member of Villas D’Este management witnessed one of your children throw a candy wrapper into the bushes at the front of the leasing office,” reads an April 25, seven-day notice of eviction placed on the door of Frasier’s apartment. “When she went outside to tell him to pick it up, she noticed about 10 more wrappers thrown in the same area.”

“Demand is hereby made that you vacate your apartment seven days from the delivery of this notice,” it further commands.

The notice also cited a previous incident in which two of Frasier’s boys, ages 10 and 12, were allegedly playing football in the street and helping another child build a makeshift bicycle ramp.

Not candy wrappers! There goes the neighborhood. You can read more (a lot) here.

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