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Drunk Guy Takes Taxi Home And Still Gets In Trouble?


Unless you’re a troglodyte, you’ve heard this refrain, or something similar, many times over the years, and rightly so: “If you’re too drunk to drive, take a taxi.” So how could it be that an Australian guy did just that and still got arrested? Let’s just say there are different ways to “take” a taxi … Per The Cairns Post:

The 21-year-old man allegedly stole the taxi from Cooktown’s central business district about 6pm on Friday.

Police allegedly found the driver, who was unlicensed, at home where he recorded a blood alcohol level of .209 per cent.

He was charged with unlicensed driving, unlawful use of a motor vehicle and drink-driving and will front Cooktown Magistrates’ Court.

No worries. That’s only 4 times the legal limit. Crikey.

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