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Drugs For Sex Doctor Keeps License?

Evil%20bad%20Doctor.jpgSo you’re a doctor, and you’re convicted of sexual assault and drug trafficking. You automatically lose your license, right? Nope. Dr. Sean Buckingham, of Canada, was so convicted, and still has his license! What did he do? Per the National Post:

Nearly two dozen witnesses testified during the trial, including a number of complainants who alleged Dr. Sean Buckingham sexually assaulted them.

One woman testified Buckingham, 47, tied her to a tree, beat her with a branch and sodomized her. Another said he asked her for oral sex while her seven-month old daughter was on her lap. A witness also said Buckingham agreed to write her a prescription for painkillers, but only if he could have half.

Throughout the seven-week trial, witnesses told the court the incidents happened in Buckingham’s office, his home and his vehicle, sometimes after he picked them up at Narcotics Anonymous meetings.

At the time of his arrest two years ago, Buckingham was under police surveillance “from dawn to dusk.” Police recorded more than 3,000 phone calls during which the doctor occasionally spoke to people about “candy bars” and “cigarettes.”

The Crown said the items were code for drugs, in particular the highly addictive drug OxyContin, known as “hillbilly heroin.”

Damn! A bona fide predator with an MD. So he was convicted – now what? Per The Aurora:

The Newfoundland and Labrador College of Physicians and Surgeons have the power to revoke or suspend his medical licence, but they need to ‘investigate’ first. They acknowledged his conviction but as an ‘allegation against Buckingham’.

Wow, is there any such thing as automatic anymore? Seriously, who would even trust a doctor of his record with an ingrown toenail after all this?

What the hell is going on up there? To read more, click here and here.

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