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Doesn’t Know … From A Hole In The Ground …


I think it’s safe to say that virtually everyone has heard the expression “doesn’t know his ass from a hole in the ground.” With that in mind, here’s an excerpt below from a Florida disciplinary case against Dr. G.K. Dwarka Nath:

37. The pathology report for the “colonoscopy” biopsy found benign squamous mucosa … The finding was inconsistent with tissue from the rectum or colon, but consistent with tissue from the vagina. It became clear that Respondent had scoped the vagina and not the rectum.

Incredibly, he didn’t even know that the scope was inserted in the wrong place! Sadly, the disciplinary complaint also describes the case of another patient who did not receive the appropriate care, and died. And what of Dr. Nath? He was fined $10,000 and put on supervised probation! Here’s a link to the Final Order with the above language. There’s another action on the disciplinary board’s website indicating that he was put on probation on 2/23/09, but that Order has not been posted.

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