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Crime May Not Pay – But …

narrowboat.jpg So far it hasn’t set David King back any, either. And this has to go down as the slowest getaway in the history of crime. Mr. King rented a narrowboat for 2 weeks in Cheshire, England. The boat’s top speed – 4 MPH! You can probably guess what Mr. King did when his 2 weeks on the $80,000 boat were up. He kept right on going. Despite a national manhunt, King avoided capture for 5 weeks! And we’re not talking about open water. We’re talking CANALS!

What did the Judge have to say?

Your behaviour was quite bizarre and I’m bound to say quite inexplicable. Due to stress engendered by debts and family pressures you went off the rails and stole a narrow boat and then went off for a month. That is very off behaviour.

So you’ll make him pay, right Judge? Nope. He got a 6-month suspended sentence, and is the subject of a 12-month supervision order (translation: probation?). Surely he has to pay the boat owner for the estimated $58,000 spent to fix the boat up? And for the lost rental income? Nope.

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